February 19 at #KBtribechat – Tile Trends

A design discussion

Sponsored and Hosted by Coverings 2020

Precious Material Style Tile

Nolita, Vallelunga & Co. – Ceramics of Italy

What makes a tile trend, a trend? By Coverings standards, a trend arises when a certain tile pattern, color, or look transcends any design style in particular, and is sourced and specified by architects, designers, contractors, and installers for a range of diverse projects. In an effort to celebrate tile’s aesthetic elements, durability, versatility, and timelessness for National Tile Day (Feb. 23rd), Coverings’ ambassador Alena Capra, alongside Coverings’ sponsors Ceramics of Italy, Tile Council of North America, and Tile of Spain, have compiled this year’s top 10 tile trends for 2020. The following tile trends are only a small taste of what you can find in the nine miles of tile at Coverings 2020:

1.) Mixed Color Palettes: Consumers are currently crazy for Pantone color of the year Classic Blue, and also blush pinks, sage green and dusty orange hues are used for a calming look.
2.) Refined Natural Wood Looks: Thanks to evolving digital printing technology and innovations in ink and fit technology, mimicking natural wood remains popular in 2020.
3.) Precious- and Gemstone-style Made Sustainable: From designs emulating rare marbles and semi-precious stones, such as onyx and agate, to tiles with an iridescent finish reminiscent of Akoya pearls, precious material styles are set to make a splash in the tile industry in 2020.
4.) Non-Rectangular / Mixed Geometrics: Trapezoid, rhombus and diamond-shaped tiles allow for more interesting layouts than simple grids and running bonds.
5.) Counter Culture: The durability and stain-resistance of porcelain make it an excellent countertop choice, which is why this type of gauged porcelain’s expanding applications will continue to be a 2020 favorite.
6.) Psychedelic: Expect bright, psychedelic colors, playful geometries and trippy patterns galore this year!
7.) Industrial Chic: Concrete- and stone-look tile options enrich environments with a chic artfulness while opening the door to endless, unique style choices.
8.) Modernized Marble: Traditional-inspired ceramic materials, such as emulated marble, have been modernized to adapt to today’s contemporary styles.
9.) Speckled Surfaces: This trend features technicolor dots and specks, and modern interpretations of terrazzo in 2020.
10.) Large-Scale Patterns: We will see a shift towards ceramic tiles with big, bold patterns that instantly catch the eye this year.

Wood Look Tile Trend


For kitchen and bath professionals, and architects, designers, installers, retailers, distributors, and many others, keeping abreast of current trends is essential when specifying tile for their clients’ homes.

Coverings is the largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference in North America, which annually attracts exhibitors and attendees from across the world who are eager to experience nine miles of tile, beautiful ceramic tile and natural stone vignettes, and vast education programs. Coverings 2020 will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the first time in more than 20 years, and take place April 20-23, 2020, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. With the event only two months away, now is the time to register to attend!

Register and attend at no cost: Learn more at coverings.com.

Twitter handle: @Coverings

Hashtag: #Coverings2020

Coverings will be sponsoring its second KBtribechat session February 19, 2020, just before National Tile Day, which takes place February 23. Join the conversation!

Non Rectangular Tile Trend

Cortina Rectified, Interceramic USA – Tile Council of North America


Our Questions for KBtribechat, February 19, 2020, 2-3 p.m. ET:

#KBtribechat @Coverings Q1: Precious gemstone-look tile is already making an impact in 2020. What is your ideal space to use this type of tile?

#KBtribechat @Coverings Q2: Twitter poll: Mixed color palettes are set to make a splash in the tile industry in 2020. Which color trend are you most excited about? A.) Sage Green & Dusty Orange B.) PANTONE Classic Blue C.) Pretty Pinks

#KBtribechat @Coverings Q3: Trippy, asymmetric and colorful patterns are trending as psychedelic influences make a design impact on the tile industry in 2020. To you, what makes a tile installation “psychedelic?”

#KBtribechat @Coverings Q4: Wood-look tile continues to be one of the top tile trends in 2020! What are some of your favorite applications of this trend?

#KBtribechat @Coverings Q5: Share a photo of your favorite tile design or installation recently announced or completed using the #NationalTileDay hashtag! Go!

#KBtribechat @Coverings Q6: This year, we see non-rectangular geometric shaped tile as a trend sure to make an impression on any space in which it is used. What are some of your favorite non-rectangular geometric tile shapes to use?

#KBtribechat @Coverings Q7: The durability and stain-resistance of porcelain makes it an excellent countertop choice, and obvious trend for 2020. Where else do you like to use gauged porcelain?

#KBtribechat @Coverings Q8: Of all the tile trends we discussed during today’s #KBTribechat conversation, what have been your favorites? Why? Are there others?

Psychedelic Tile Trend

Paprica, Marca Corona – Ceramics of Italy

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February 12 at #KBtribechat – The State of the Connected Home

Sponsored and Hosted by GE Appliances


Next gen Kitchen Hub Micro with Artificial Intelligence to help with the planning and cooking of meals. (1)

Whether it’s cutting down on food waste or making sure you never run out of laundry detergent, technology has helped to make today’s household run more smoothly.  Join GE Appliances, the IoT Breakthrough Awards “Smart Appliance Company of the Year”,  for a Twitter Chat on the Connected Home on Wednesday, February 12 at 2 pm ET.

GE Profile All New In-Oven Camera Frees Owners from Oven Hover

Our KBtribechat questions:

1. How has tech made us better cooks?

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping to take things off our to-do list. What is the most useful tech you’ve seen in a connected home?

3. What appliance do you believe has lagged behind when it comes to technology or innovation?

4. How has technology impacted kitchen design?

5. Alexa, Google Home, Nest and more. What smart home tech do you use with your appliances?

6. If you could use tech to create a new feature for an appliance, what would you create?


Join this Twitter conversation

on Wednesday, February 12

from 2 to 3pm eastern

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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February 5 at #KBtribechat – Digital Decluttering

Hosted by Irene Williams

Irene Williams - Jan 2020

Ever feel like you need to go “Marie Kondo” on the clutter in your digital, social, and mobile life? You’re not alone!

All of us are constantly tethered by technology, relying on social media and digital platforms to manage our businesses and connect with friends and family. It not only can be intrusive; it’s potentially addicting. Without strategies to manage email, computer files, phones, photos, and time spent on the socials, we can drown in overwhelm and disorganization.

Join us for a practical chat about ways to tame the tech. Digital marketer Irene Williams will guide our discussion. After years managing social media and digital marketing for herself and her agency’s clients, Irene developed a Digital Decluttering system that transformed her daily life and vastly increased her productivity and peacefulness. Now, she’s on a quest to help others do the same (and she has the time and energy to do so thanks to her own solution!).

Our KBtribechat questions:

Q 1:
What area of digital life overwhelms you the most & why? Consider email, computer files/photos, social media, smartphone use, etc.

Q 2:
How does digital disorganization/too much social media make you feel & affect your biz/life?

Q 3:
Let’s talk about your inbox. What’re biggest challenges w/ email?

Q 4:
Ever get sucked in by social media? Share experiences & how you tried to handle it.

Q 5:
Computer files & phone photos: Need an excavation crew to find your stuff? Do tell!

Q 6:
Share favorite tools/tactics/tips for managing your digital life.

Join this Twitter conversation

on Wednesday, February 5

from 2 to 3pm eastern

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s a link to read the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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Bertazzoni at KBIS 2020: Creating the Style-Harmonized Kitchen Suite

A design discussion

Sponsored and Hosted by Bertazzoni


Over the span of three centuries, it has been Bertazzoni’s tradition to create masterfully engineered cooking appliances. The industry leader in style, Bertazzoni now offers complete kitchen suite design matching in its lineup of kitchen appliances in traditional, contemporary and classic styles, down to every detail, from controls to handles, oven windows and contours. At KBIS 2020, Bertazzoni highlighted its passion for style and commitment to best-in-class engineering, introducing new ways to provide homeowners and designers with the tools to create the kitchen spaces of their dreams.

IMG_8578 2

Each kitchen suite reflects a detail-focused obsession in style-matching, while displaying a commitment to Italian design and heritage. Taking inspiration from the tradition of exceptional engineering and craftsmanship in the history of its home region of Emilia Romagna, Bertazzoni is proud to bring the celebration of Italy’s iconic family and food culture into the kitchen.

In this week’s KBtribechat, Bertazzoni will discuss the creation of the style-centric, seamlessly integrated kitchen suite. Together, we’ll dive into the many ways to personalize the kitchen, from tailoring the space to the homeowner’s cooking style to building a distinct design style using decorative accessories. Tune in as we recap KBIS 2020 and discuss the benefits of style-harmonized kitchen design.


Our KBtribechat questions:

Q1: When designing a kitchen space, which important details bring the space together? How do matching elements throughout the space contribute to the overall aesthetic? Share photos of your recent projects!

Q2: At KBIS 2020, Bertazzoni showcased appliance combinations that allow homeowners to create fully integrated kitchen suites. When designing a kitchen for performance, what are a few must-haves?

Q3: What are a few examples of elements designers and homeowners can add to personalize a space? Accessories in metallic finishes, custom light fixtures, or colorful cabinetry?

Q4: How can appliances, such as ranges or refrigerators, contribute to the quality of the cooking experience?

Q5: What are a few of your favorite innovations introduced at KBIS 2020? How do you envision these additions shaping the kitchen and bath industry?

Q6: What are your design predictions for 2020? Which current design trends are here to stay, and which will fall by the wayside?


Join this Twitter conversation

on Wednesday, January 29

from 2 to 3pm eastern

by atting #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s a link to read the transcript for this KBtribechat discussion.


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New Year, New Trends! #KBTribeChat Travels to #IBS2020 to Discuss Home Building and Design Trends for 2020

An in person meet-up!

Wednesday, January 22
11am until noon
Booth C7548

Sponsored and Hosted by Whirlpool Corporation

KBT Blog (1)

We’re on the road again, taking the tribe to Las Vegas for a live chat from the annual NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS), the largest annual light construction trade show in the world. Only at IBS can you connect with thousands of your home building peers, industry experts and manufacturers to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and access real business solutions.

IBS will return to the Las Vegas Convention Center, Jan. 21–23, where it will again co-locate with the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s (NKBA) Kitchen & Bath Industry Show® (KBIS) for the 7th annual Design & Construction Week® (DCW). The two shows are expected to host more than 2,000 exhibiting brands spanning over a million net square feet of exhibit space, for the largest annual gathering of the residential design and construction industry.

KBT Blog (2)

Whirlpool Corporation (@WhirlpoolCorp) will be the official host for our annual in-person #KBTribeChat and networking event on Wednesday, January 22 at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET. Join us in the Whirlpool Corporation booth #C7548 for a discussion on the home building and design trends that will be IN and OUT in 2020.

As 2020 kicks off, it’s time to usher in a new year and decade of building and design trends. Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances, develops and designs appliance innovations that are inspired by consumer insights and preferences in home design. Consumer focus fuels the company’s continued growth and strengthens its brand portfolio. As a result, Whirlpool Corporation is uniquely positioned, today and in the future, to deliver long-term value for homeowners and building industry professionals alike.

If you’re attending the show, come chat with us live at the Whirlpool Corporation booth #C7548 on Wednesday at 11am until noon to discuss the most prevalent home building and design trends, and what to expect for the year ahead. Attendees will get an exclusive tour of the Whirlpool Corporation booth as well as a special gift from the company’s KitchenAid brand. If you’re not at the show, you can still join the discussion by following the #KBTribeChat hashtag!

KBT Blog (3)

To prepare for the discussion, here are our KBtribechat questions:

1. What new kitchen design trends are most popular today? What do you expect to see more of in 2020?

2. How are generational preferences influencing home building and design?

3. From high-end, luxury homes to small space living, what home styles are on the rise?

4. What colors and finishes do today’s homeowners want the most – and which ones have declined over the years?

5. Where do you think laundry room design headed?

6. Name one design trend you hope to see more of in 2020!

KBT Blog (4)

Here’s where you’ll find the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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2020 #KBtribechat Transcripts

Wellborn iPhone shot

Photo taken during the Progressive KBtribechat at KBIS 2019 by Lisa Stewart Photography.

January 8 – Designing with Pets in Mind

January 15 – Revisiting the Classics – Hosted by Use Natural Stone

January 21 – Progressive KBtribechat at KBIS – Hosted by Rev-a-shelf, Brizo, Wellborn Cabinet and Signature Kitchen Suite

January 22 – In person at KBIS – 2020 Home Building and Design Trends – Hosted by Whirlpool

January 29 – Harmonized Kitchen Suites + A KBIS Recap – Hosted by Bertazzoni

February 5 – Digital Decluttering – Hosted by Irene Williams

February 12 – The State of the Connected Home– Hosted by GE

February 19 – Why Tile – Hosted by Coverings

February 26 – Wellness and Design

March 4 – Luxury Kitchens – Hosted by Whirlpool

March 11 – Outdoor Kitchens and Baths

March 18 – Our New Reality

March 25 – Favorite Storage Solutions for K+B– Hosted by Rev-a-shelf

April 1 – The Pantry

April 8 – Bathrooms That Wow!

April 15 – Gourmet Kitchens – Hosted by GE

April 22 – Tile Trends – Hosted by Crossville Inc.

April 29 – Making a Statement – Design Focal Points

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January 15 at #KBtribechat – Revisiting the Classics

A design discussion

Sponsored and Hosted by the Natural Stone Institute

Photo courtesy of Dansk Marble.

When Pantone chose “Classic Blue” as their 2020 Color of the Year, they made a big statement: It is time to get back to calmer times. In a recent interview with Architectural Digest, Leatrice Eiseman, executive director for the Pantone Color Institute called Classic Blue “a color you can rely on,” one that gives you a “feeling of confidence and stability.” Simply put, the allure of Classic Blue is right there in its name: it’s a classic.

Perhaps 2020 will be a year for revisiting other classics we have loved, too—not because we’re uninspired or lazy or lacking for new ideas, but because we know that these things work and that can we can find ways to make them work for us, in new and inspiring ways. Some classics never go out of style: a well-tailored black blazer, the perfect shade of red lipstick, and a gorgeous piece of genuine natural stone.

Natural stone has been inspiring us for centuries. Why? Because it works. It is versatile, durable, sustainable, and easy to maintain. Advances in quarrying technology in the past few decades have made it more affordable than ever, bringing new colors and varieties to market. Natural stone grounds us—it provides a needed connection to the world around us, allowing us to bring a piece of the earth’s geological history into our home.

What classics will you revisit in 2020?

Italian marble quarry

Our KBTribeChat questions:

1. Do you have any design goals or intentions for the year? What do you hope to explore this year through your work?

2. Natural stone never goes out of style. What other “go-to” design elements do you want to work with in 2020?

3. What design elements do you hope to see make a comeback in 2020? Are there any you hope stay a thing of the past?

4. Do you incorporate vintage pieces (or vintage style) into your designs? If so, what is your favorite place to source these pieces?

5. Pantone says Classic Blue gives you “confidence and stability.” Are there other materials or designs that you think help portray these emotions?

6. #KBIS2020 is less than a week away! What are you most looking forward to seeing at the show?


Join this Twitter discussion

on Wednesday, January 15

from 2 to 3pm eastern

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s a link to read the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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