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May 31 at #KBtribechat –  Making Bathrooms Accessible

A design discussion!

Our KBtribechat Questions:

Q1.) What is Universal Design? Why is it important for bathrooms?

Q2.) What Universal Design principles have you found useful for Bathrooms? Share pictures!

Q3.) What are key safety concerns for bathrooms? Share design solutions that address these issues!

Q4.) Do you have other tips for designing a bathroom that will be a safe environment?

Q5.) Is Universal Design expensive?

Q6.) How can a Universal bathroom be designed to look beautiful, not institutional?

Q7.) Does a universal design bathroom need more square footage?

Join this Kitchen and Bath Industry Twitter Chat discussion

on Wednesday from 2 to 3pm eastern

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Our July 24 #KBtribechat Topic – Designing for Living In Place

A design discussion

Sponsored and Hosted by Rev-A-Shelf


The discussion questions:

Q1. How many of you are currently designing with Living In Place in mind? Share a few of your favorite designs!

Q2. How do you bring ‘Living In Place’ into discussion with your clients? Share your talking points and tips!

Q3. Living In Place design increases accessibility and eases strain. Share your favorite kitchen and bath products that help achieve this!

Q4. Are there any products, technology, etc. that you wish existed that would benefit your Living In Place clients? Why?

Q5. Lighting is an important part of Living In Place design. Give examples fo how you incorporate lighting into your designs.

Join this Twitter conversation
on Wednesday, July 24
from 2 to 3pm eastern
by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!
Here is where you’ll find the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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