Festive Kitchens

An inspirational holiday discussion to get us in the spirit!


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The KBtribechat questions:

1.) Do you dress your kitchen for the season? Share ways to add a festive touch to the kitchen during the holidays. We want to see pictures!

2.) Holiday baking is a December highlight.  What are your favorite cookie recipes?

3.) Do you use a convection oven? What are the advantages? What are they best for? Share recipes!

4.) Please share time saving tips and recipes for making entertaining a breeze during the holidays.

5.) What are your must have dishes for family gatherings? #HolidayFoodTraditions  Share recipes!

6.) Heartfelt gifts from the kitchen are fun to give and receive. Share favorite ideas for homemade gifts.

7.) What gifts do you recommend for family and friends who like to cook?

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SAVE THE DATE – Progressive #KBtribechat at #KBIS2016

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November 19, 2015 · 8:00 am

World Toilet Day

A design discussion sponsored and hosted by American Standard.

Sep 13 IG FINAL (2) (1)

In preparation for World Toilet Day on November 19th, American Standard will host #KBTribechat the day before (November 18 at 2 p.m. eastern time) to discuss all things toilets. Functional, revolutionary and beautiful, the toilet is a necessity in the bathroom and therefore, we’ll chat about the key characteristics to look for when choosing a commode.

Once your perfect toilet is installed and ready to use, chances are you won’t be thinking about global sanitation with every flush. What we consider to be a commonplace product in the home is not even a realistic option for over one-third of the world’s population; unfortunately, 2.5 billion people do not have access to sanitation. The United Nations designated World Toilet Day to raise awareness about our global sanitation crisis and the ongoing efforts to support water conservation. What else should we be doing to raise awareness about global sanitation? Share your ideas for #WorldToiletDay during next week’s #KBTribechat.


KBtribechat Questions – 

• What stands out in your mind as superior functionality, in terms of toilet performance and cleanliness?

• What demand are you seeing for smart toilets?

• What style(s) are you seeing lately that are most popular in toilets?

• Turning our attention to global sanitation, how can we as an industry raise awareness about this crucial topic?

• What are you doing to celebrate World Toilet Day?

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Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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What is the one kitchen accessory you can’t live without?

A design discussion sponsored and hosted by BLANCO.


Accessories are a must have in a busy kitchen to keep things organized and stay on task. Which accessories are your favorites, the ones you can’t live without? Which are the ones that end up in the back of the junk drawer?

BLANCO has perfected the art of accessorizing around the kitchen sink – integrating countertop elements into the sink to form a workstation with convenient tools that help the busiest room in the home remain productive, space saving and beautiful at the same time. We hope to explore how fixtures and appliances can multi-task in the kitchen space as well as to incorporate accessories that add to the design of a kitchen, not add to the clutter. Share with us your favorites, the ones you won’t part with…


This week’s topic explores the following questions:

1.) Accessories help keep the kitchen, often the busiest room of the house, clean and productive. When do you need accessories the most?

2.) Which accessories help you to be more environmentally friendly in the kitchen? Which ones help us with recycling, up cycling, composting, organizing, etc?

3.) Space saving design is not only desired, but necessary for productivity. What tools help save countertop space, drawer space, etc.?

4.) De-cluttering helps de-stress – organization helps to stay on track when entertaining guests or cooking for a family. What helps you avoid clutter?

5.) Keeping your kitchen appliances clean with proper maintenance is a key to ensuring they last a lifetime! What accessories keep your kitchen clean?

6.) There’s nothing more desired in the kitchen than creating an appetizing meal. What tools help you make the most delicious meals possible?

BLANCO1_hi res

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Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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What’s Hot Now and What To Expect in 2016?

A design discussion with Jane Lockhart sponsored and hosted by Robern.


This is such a great time of year for interior design! You can actually come in from outside without feeling guilty for neglecting the outdoors. It is time to give the interior a little TLC, and what better way to do that then to include some of this seasons hottest trends! This autumn, we are seeing a return to neutrals and a movement back to basics. Dark fall colours such as crimsons and warm rich oranges provide the necessary contrast to the simplicity of neutral creams and basic wood grains. Another hot trend is contrast! Whether it is a combination using black and white or a dark colour with a neutral, it looks outstanding this season! However you choose to incorporate the new trends into your space, make sure it is something you love!

Jane Lockhart

Jane Lockhart

Their 10 KBtribechat Questions:

1) How are neutrals of 2016 different from what we have seen in the past?

2) White is a big colour this year! What are some other colours that compliment white?

3) How can you create a spa feel in the bathroom?

4) Fall colours are really on trend right now, but do they carry through to the other seasons?

5) Contrast seems to be popular. What colours work well together to create contrast besides black and white?

6) What colours would you suggest to create calm in a bathroom?

7) When using a neutral paint, should you pick accessories and art with more of an impact?

8) What is the best white for a bathroom?

9) Won’t the room look too dark in some of the deeper shades of fall?

10) What lighting do you suggest in the bathroom so it isn’t too harsh?


About Robern

Your everyday routine should never feel routine.

From the time you rise and get ready, to little freshening moments, to the moment you bring the day to a close, you always want to look your best.

At Robern, it is our mission to craft an array of vanities, cabinets, and lighting options that are beyond the expected. Beyond the day-to-day. By fusing unparalleled beauty with innovative functionality, our products transform a bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication. A space where self-expression is manifested through timeless design and thoughtful details. One that empowers you not only to look your best, but to live your best as well.

Founded in 1968, Robern grew out of Rosa and Bernie Meyers’ belief that individual style should be celebrated and fostered. Today, their pioneering approach to designing highly personalized styling spaces remains at the heart of what we do.


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Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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Why Design Matters

Planning ahead is critical in the remodeling process to end up with a good kitchen result.


Our discussion questions:

1.) Kitchens are much more complicated than many realize. What advice do you have for a homeowner who is thinking about remodeling their kitchen?

2.) Can a kitchen designer save a client money? Explain!

Cabinetry choices can offer many challenges to the untrained person. Here are a few on the design challenges relating specifically to kitchen cabinetry:

3.) Is it best to have kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling? or not? What are the pros and cons of each option? Please share pictures to explain your point of view.  Is pricing often a factor in the choice?

4.) Open shelves are popular today. Some seem to float on the wall with no support. What solutions do you have to make sure shelves are sturdy? Do you leave the installation decisions up to the contractor or cabinet shop to make your design happen or do you specify specific details? Please share pictures of open shelving you like!

5.) Do clients ask about durability of cabinet interior materials especially with regards to water?  Are they concerned with the outcome if there was to be a water leak in their home? What are your solutions for clients with this concern?

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Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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Cottage Kitchens

A design discussion!


Cottage designs can give us a relaxing, being on vacation feel.  They are also often a good fit for older homes making it a popular kitchen style.

Our discussion questions:

1.) What features help define cottage style?

  • What flooring look do you recommend for a cottage look?
  • What countertops help define cottage style?
  • What lighting do you recommend?
  • What faucet/sink style and finishes work best?
  • Do all appliance choices fit this look?

2.)  Are there certain materials that lend a relaxed, cottage sense to a room?

3.)  What cabinet styles and finishes fit this look best?

4.)  Are there certain colors that help inspire the cottage feel? Do you use them as accents only? Share ideas you like for using color in cottage kitchens.

Be ready to share pictures of cottage kitchens you like!

Join our Twitter chat conversation

on Wednesday, October 21st

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

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Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.


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