May 27, 2015 at #KBtribechat: Appliance Considerations for the Master Bathroom

A design discussion hosted by Paula Kennedy CMKBD, CAPS, CACC. MasterBathroomAppliances We all know about appliances in the Kitchen, even the small ones as we just discussed this week on #KBTribeChat (May 20th), but what about in the bathroom?  A few weeks ago we were talking about Zen design in the bathroom and a lot of us kept talking about that glass of wine to unwind and wouldn’t wine storage be cool in that space! So let’s talk about that, specifically in the Master Bathroom. Aside from the much desired wine refrigerator or coffee maker while you unwind or wake up what else do you think of when you think of appliances in the bathroom? When looking at the definition of an appliance “a device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one” we can broaden our list of appliances in this space to include anything mechanical and electrical. To set the parameters for discussion let’s subtract talking about lighting (sorry Lighting Pros, that’s a whole other discussion), let’s also avoid talking about the closet and let’s even assume we’re not talking about a Master Suite kitchenette. Let’s stick just in the Master Bathroom.

by Paula Kennedy CMKBD, CAPS, CACC

by Paula Kennedy CMKBD, CAPS, CACC

The list is extensive and growing daily!  (here is a partial list to get us started, the remainder of what I came up with is below the questions) • Coffee makers built in or hidden under appliance garage • Insta-hot faucet (and cold filtered) • TV, in the mirror or wall mounted • Music, speakers, control system, wireless and Bluetooth options • Shower fog-less mirror • Recessed med cabinets with electrical, outlets, magnets, cool storage, TV, Lights • Cool storage for medicines and certain beauty products • Aromatherapy • Chromatherapy • Happy light: to help wake up in the morning or for certain regions with long winters and gray skies, like in Seattle • Phone charging stations


by Paula Kennedy CMKBD, CAPS, CACC

The Discussion Questions:

1.  What comes to mind when you think of appliances in the bathroom?  Keep it clean!  =)

2.  How do you address the added electrical requirements for these appliances and features?

3.  How do you address storage for these appliances?

4.  Share unique creative “appliances” you’ve designed into a Master Bathroom.


Here is my Houzz Idea Book put together for this KBtribechat.

More Ideas I came up with . . . .

• Small appliance storage/vanity cabinets with outlets and drawer storage for hair styling equipment

•Small Wine storage

• Small warming drawer for warm towels

• Towel Heater/Towel Bars

• Ventilation, humidity sensors, night lights, motion detectors, timers

• Lighting System Controls

• Shower water filtration systems

• Shower hot water on demand systems

• Steam shower

• Sauna

• Toilets with heated seats, night lights, washlets etc

• Motion sensor and touch sensor Faucets

• Beauty appliances

• Paraffin wax heaters

• Foot bath soakers

• Water picks

• Sonic care brushes

• Electric Razors

• Digital scale that is connected to health apps and sends info to your app to track your weight

• Tub heated surfaces

• Tub Vibration-therapy

• Floor heat

• Automation controls

PaulaKennedyFB_20150520_09_13_27_Saved_Picture Can’t wait to hear what you come up with! Thank you #KBTribeChat for letting me host the discussion this week.

Paula Kennedy CMKBD, CAPS, CACC

Timeless Kitchen Design

Seattle, Wa 425-466-4483

NKBA Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer

MBA Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Certified Architectural Color Consultant


2015 Best Kitchen Finalist DList Magazine Seattle Design Awards

2015 Dwell on Design L.A. Speaker “Ignite Creativity”

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May 20, 2015 at #KBtribechat – Considerations for Small Kitchen Appliances

A design discussion!


Our discussion questions:

Q1.) Please share your go to storage solutions for small appliances that are used every day like coffee makers and toasters. Do you still design in appliance garages? Elaborate and share pics!

Stand mixers are handy to have on hand but present unique storage challenges because they are large and heavy.

Q2.) What are your solutions for dealing with stand mixers in the kitchen?

Q3.) Do you design a bake center around the mixer placement in the kitchen? Explain and show us examples!

Q4.) What are your storage solution ideas for crockpots, waffle makers and other less often used small kitchen appliances?

Q5.) How do you like to organize kitchen gadgets and implements?  Do you often design in drawer organizers? Share your favorites!

Q6.) What other storage solutions do you have for unwieldy kitchen items?

Please share pictures!

Join this Twitter Chat discussion

on Wednesday, May 20th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets.

Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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May 13th at #KBtribechat – Outdoor Living

A design discussion!


Picking your own fresh produce can add a lot of  enjoyment and quality to home cooking.  Let’s discuss the best ways to do this from kitchen gardens to patio plantings.

Q1.) Do you grow your own veggies and herbs? Share your tips and ideas!

Sometimes it’s nice to leave the door open and let the outside air in.

Q2.) How can screen doors be done beautifully? Share pics!

Outdoor spaces can be an extension of our homes.

Q3.) What tips do you have to make the best use of the front porch?

Decks remain a popular outdoor design element.

Q4.) Please share beautiful and unique patio and outdoor room ideas. What do you like about them?

Q5.) Do you have go to products or materials that work well for outdoor spaces? Please share your ideas from native plants to fire pits and lighting!

Join this Twitter chat discussion

on Wednesday, May 13th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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Join us for a Progressive #KBtribechat at #DODLA

on Friday, May 29th at 11am PST

Sponsored by TOTO USA and Miele USA

We are starting our Dwell on Design Progressive KBtribechat in the TOTO booth (#1446).

Modern, Livable Designs for All


At TOTO, we understand the importance of the bathroom in people’s lives. After all, it’s the only room you rely on every day! By keeping this in mind, we design products that can make a mundane bathroom visit a meaningful and inspiring experience for everyone – regardless of age or physical ability. With our timeless styling and flawless, efficient performance, your bathroom will always be “trending.”


TOTO’s KBtribechat Questions:

Question 1:  Contemporary looks don’t stay that way for long. How can you give your bathroom a modern look without it becoming dated in the future?

Question 2:  With the drought in CA, water-efficiency is a priority. What are ways you can reduce your water use without sacrificing a luxury bathroom experience?

Question 3:  How can you achieve socially sustainable designs in the bathroom and avoid the drab “institutional” look?

Question 4:  Tiny homes are trending. What are ways you can save space in the bathroom without giving up style or functionality?

At 11:28 we will be walking over to the Miele USA booth (#1347).

Range and Dishwasher – No Better Complement


Balance requires flawless symmetry…in form, function and fit.  Miele’s Generation 6000 dishwashers are a natural extension of the culinary appliances, aligning perfectly in terms of design, functionality, and user interface. Dare to cook and clean differently when pairing the Miele Range with the new Miele Generation 6000 dishwasher series and be amazed by the results.

We are excited to host the progressive KBTribeChat at our booth (#1347) during this year’s DwellonDesign tradeshow. Please join us at 11:32 am PST on Friday, May 29th.


Miele’s KBtribechat Questions:

Question 1: Using a Miele dishwasher can save you 3,500 gallons of water a year, do you know how? #G6000dishwashers

Question 2: Miele’s solution to a handless kitchen is a dishwasher that can open by knocking. How would the #K20 balance your or your clients’ kitchen?

Question 3: #G6000dishwashers have a consistent look with #TheMieleRange and Range Hoods. Can you identify elements of the harmonious design?

Question 4: We just made bread in #TheMieleRange using Moisture Plus, Having tasted the bread, describe how Moisture Plus affects the taste and texture.

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Home Fashion Influences on Kitchen and Bath Design

A Design Discussion
Hosted by Toni Sabatino


Design by Toni Sabatino

To me, interior design is the ultimate in styling. I have enjoyed the trend over the past few years of seeing luxury kitchens and baths become fashion statements. The style of the home offers an intimate look at the inhabitant, and I think it should fit the homeowner like a custom suit. Our industry has followed the clothing industry, offering everything from vintage menswear, to glitz and glam, to hippie chic, including houndstooth tile, glamorous crystal lighting and cabinet hardware and organic textures like bamboo cabinets and flooring. I view this as a major opportunity for the kitchen and bath designer to create something really special for the client and bulild an amazing portfolio. As I look at a space and start my inspiration process, I ask myself: How can I create a space that makes the client feel amazing and “dresses” them well? Here are some questions I think about as I invite you to share your thoughts on the “Fashion of our Kitchen and Bath Industry.”

Q1 Do you feel home fashion trends are influenced by the clothing industry or the other way around? Please explain!
Q2 Where do you get your initial inspiration for project style and color?
Q3 Do you see commonalities in how a client dresses and what makes them comfortable in a space?
Q4 Do you find that a client who wears lots of jewelry or a nice watch will spend more on “bling-y” faucets, lighting and hardware?
Q5 Softness and romance are fashion forecasts; do you see those replacing modern in home design?
Q6 What are your favorite home fashions? Show pics!

by  Toni Sabatino

Design by Toni Sabatino

Join this Twitter Chat discussion

on Wednesday, May 6th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Design by Toni Sabatino

Design by Toni Sabatino

Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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#KBtribechat at #ICFF

Franke, a leading name in kitchen sinks, custom accessories, faucets, Little Butler hot and cold water filtration and waste disposers is excited to be exhibiting at ICFF for the second year in a row this May at New York City’s Jacob K. Javitz Center! makeitwonderful In celebration, Franke will be sponsoring and hosting KBtribechat on the first day of the show – Saturday, May 16th, at 2pm.   Join us in booth #1153.  Learn how the Franke Kitchen System name came to be and see Franke’s newest product additions. We will be having a giveaway too!  Don’t miss your chance to win a $100 gift card. When tweeting during KBtribechat, use the hashtags #KBtribechat along with #FrankeKitchenSystem.  Krista Rivers, Social Media Consultant for Franke will randomly select a tweet using these hashtags and present the user with a $100 gift card.  The randomly selected winner must be present in the Franke booth during KBtribechat to win. Brad Kiel, Franke Kitchen Systems’ Vice President of Luxury Products, will be there to discuss Franke’s new product line.  He will also be looking for our group’s feedback. frankeicfflogo The discussion questions:

Franke is the only company to offer an entire kitchen system product line by one company.

Q1.) Do you like the fact that Franke can offer you and your clients a single source to select the complete kitchen system

Q2.) What Franke kitchen system products are you partial to and why? Franke recently introduced the Planar 8 Kitchen Sink. This contemporary, sophisticated and stylish sink features 18 gauge stainless steel, designed and hand-fabricated in Italy.

Q3.) Franke’s stainless steels sinks are timeless and extremely durable, would you also like to see more colored/fireclay sinks introduced by Franke? What colors and configurations would you prefer to see?

Q4.) Do you feel there is need for a sink that offers your clients a solution for composting? If not at this time, how about in the future?

For ICFF media appointments with Franke Kitchen Systems Luxury Products Group, please email

We have a group Pinterest board for images from this KBtribechat.

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April 29th at #KBtribechat – Zen Inspired Bathrooms

A design discussion


Zen – bringing together mind and body

a feeling of relaxation

Here are our KBtribechat discussion questions:

Please share photos!

1.) What features help create a Zen style bathroom with stillness and tranquility?

2.) Opposites attract. In what ways can this Yin Yang concept be used in creating a Zen bathroom design?

3.) How can natural elements be used to create a relaxing bathroom?

4.) How can we edit our designs to keep everything simple but have everything that is necessary in the bathroom?

5.) Share products and ideas you like that fit the Zen aesthetic.

Join this Twitter chat discussion

on Wednesday, May 29th 

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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