K+B Design with LED

Hosted by lighting designer James Bedell 

Host James Bedell

Host James Bedell

For many of us the language of light has centered around concepts like wattage. Your contractor would ask you what bulb you wanted to put in your recessed high hats and you’d say “75 watt” because you knew from years of designing kitchens that six 75 watt PAR30 bulbs would leave your kitchen nice and bright.

LED is changing all of that. We don’t talk in terms of lumens anymore. Now terms like Lumens and foot-candles have become important to getting an understanding for light levels. We never used to have to consider the color temperature of the source but LED opens up a range of possibilities for the tone of white light a fixture creates. We never used to think about what our color choices would look like under different light sources, but with LED it’s essential to consider for your design to take on the life you need.

To that end, this KBTribechat is going to be all about LED. How to understand it, how to specify it and what to look for when reviewing samples. We might use some technical terms, but don’t get scared off, we’ll be talking in plain english, answering your LED questions.

Here are Jame’s KBtribechat questions:

Q1: Have you successfully specified LED on any recent projects?
Q2: What are your biggest challenges when specifying LED?
Q3: What’s the difference between Lumens and Foot-Candles?
Q4: What color temperatures are you specifying?
Q5: How do you review samples of different LED fixtures?

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on Wednesday, March 4th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

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Tile and Stone Trends for 2015

Coverings 2015  is only a few short months away, and we’re getting excited to see all the latest in the tile and stone industry. Join sponsor and host Coverings and Coverings 2015  Ambassador Alena Capra to discuss the latest trends in tile and stone, and what to expect from this year’s show.



Coverings will be back in Orlando April 14 – 17th, 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center. Check out over 1,000 exhibitors from around the world, and improve your performance with 80 free specialized training and education sessions. Register for free here.


Alena Capra


Here are their KBtribechat discussion questions:

Q1) What tile color trends are you seeing emerge for 2015 and beyond?

Q2) What are some trending styles in tile for 2015? What is the inspiration behind them?

Q3) What is the best way to approach uncovering tile and stone trends at #Coverings2015?

Q4) What was revolutionary this year in tile? What are some exciting technical innovations?

Q5) #Coverings2015 is back in Orlando for the first time since 2012. How has the Florida housing market changed since then?

Q6) It seems like a lot of tile manufacturers are collaborating with iconic designers for collections. Why are design partnerships important?

Q7) Why is Coverings an important show for kitchen & bath professionals to attend?

Join this Twitter chat discussion

on Wednesday, February 25th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

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Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.


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Designing a Bathroom for Two

Master bathrooms and other bathrooms that are to be used by two people have design considerations all  their own. Efficiency is important as is comfort and beauty.

luxury bathroom design


What design tips do you have for the cabinetry in a two person bathroom?

Do you prefer to design in two separate single sink vanity areas or one double sink vanity?  What about in a children’s shared bathroom?

What cabinet storage organizers have you found useful for bathrooms?

Prepare to share pictures!


What are your preferred toilet area layouts and why?

How should the master closets be located in relation to the bathroom?


Do you find most clients want a bathtub and a shower in a shared bathroom or only a shower?


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on Wednesday, February 18

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

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Our group Pinterest board – Bathroom Design Ideas

Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.


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Nurturing Creativity

KBIS started off 2015 with a huge amount of design inspiration and ideas!


KBtribechat at KBIS 2015 in the Wellborn Cabinet booth.


Q1.) What other trade shows are you planning to attend this year?

Q2.) Beyond trade shows, as creatives, where do you find design inspirations?

With their product and material ideas and samples, showrooms offer a wealth of information.

Q3.) Do you find showrooms to be an important part of the creative process? Why or why not? Are showrooms important?

Q4.) Where do you get most of your design information regarding new products and ideas?

Q5.) What factors do you find important to the creative process? How do you keep the ideas flowing?


Join this Twitter chat discussion

on Wednesday, February 11th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets.

Our Group Pinterest Board – Design Inspirations!

 Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.



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Designing Healthy Spaces

The intersection of design with health and wellness was a trending topic last week during Design and Construction Week.  This topic is far reaching as our design and material choices affect our clients in many ways.


Designing in good ergonomics is important for our client’s longterm health and safety.

Q1. In what ways do you include ergonomic principles when designing kitchens or bathrooms?

Q2. In what ways can we plan for client safety in the spaces we design?

Q3.  Please share tips for designing spaces that feel good to be in. What are the important factors in this regard?

Color choices can affect mental health!

Q4.  Are there go to colors or hues that elevate mood? Please share your ideas including pictures!

Q5. What tips do you have regarding designing spaces that reduce stress?

Healthy material choices not only affect indoor air quality but it’s important to know how they affect the environment and if they are sustainabie.

Q6. What are your go to healthy material choices for the kitchen or bathroom? Why?

Join this Twitter discussion

on Wednesday, February 4th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

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Our group Pinterest board – Designing Healthy Kitchens and Baths.

Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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A #KBIS2015 + #BlogTourVegas Recap

Enerbank USA is sponsoring and hosting this KBtribechat.

Join us on Wednesday, January 28th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time on Twitter

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here are our discussion questions:

1.  Which was the most stand out product that you saw at KBIS 2015 or during #blogtourVegas events and why?

2.  Product innovations – what did you see at KBIS and what would you like to see more of?

3.  Let’s talk trends. What did you see? What do you predict is here to stay? Share pics or Pinterest boards!

4.  What was your single favorite moment during KBIS 2015 or #blogtourVegas? Share pics or videos.

Enerbank Logo with Registration

Whether you remodel kitchens, bathrooms, both or something completely different; the name of the game is finding prospects who are ready, willing to pull the trigger, and prepared to pay for the job.
At EnerBank, some contractors tell us that their customers pay with cash. Those are the best customers. With cash customers, you avoid the risk of a credit card company retracting your money if the homeowner isn’t satisfied. Cash payments are also a lot faster than waiting on a home equity line of credit from personal banks.
Having cash customers may be ideal for you, but not for them – and they know it.
Homeowners are making improvements to increase the value of their home, make it more functional or enjoyable, or to make a needed repair. In any case, unloading the cash significantly limits their ability to make other financial decisions such as which home improvements come next, responding to a crisis, where to go on a family vacation, what car to purchase, how much they invest in retirement and more.
Experience has shown homeowners want another choice. They seek interest-free options without the pain of a home equity line of credit approval. With EnerBank USA, you can give them that choice. EnerBank’s Same-As-Cash and a low monthly payment option like Reduced-Interest, Zero-Interest and Traditional Installment Loans give homeowners the ability to make other important financial decisions, buy now and reserve their cash for other needs.

Why This Works for Homeowners – and for You
It is great that homeowners prefer a choice of payment options, but it needs to work for you too. When you offer a homeowner payment options for projects they are more able to choose what they want vs. what they need. They are more able to get what they hoped for, not what they are limited to. They are more able to get the entire project done at once, instead of in phases.
Grow your business with payment choices
Our customers grow their business everyday with simple-to-explain and easy-to-offer payment choices. Contractors who offer EnerBank payment options find that their business grows because they are able to attract more leads and close a higher percentage of those leads into sales.
If you are not offering your customers an unbeatable choice of payment options through EnerBank, you are missing opportunities.
Click Here to contact an EnerBank representative about learning how you can begin to offer unbeatable financing options to your customers.

Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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Join us for our 2nd annual Progressive #KBTRIBECHAT on the KBIS show floor!

As we make our way around the floor in this fun hour from 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT on Tuesday, January 20th, be prepared to be inspired by the industry innovation in our three sponsor booths.


Big thanks to Wellborn Cabinetry, TOTO USA and Cambria Quartz. For those following along with us on Twitter, watch for our “snap a fave product” feature from all the live tweeters. We’ll be making a Pinterest board after the show for all of the live action shots.


Q1 . @WellbornCabine1 is committed to #SmartDesign. What’s the biggest technology challenge you have faced in your designs? #kbtribechat

Q2 . @WellbornCabine1 creates timeless designs as cabinetry is a long-term commitment. How do you design for timeless vs trendy? #kbtribechat

Q3 . @TOTOUSA is committed to #totaldesign for people of all abilities. How do you remove obstacles in your bathroom designs? #kbtribechat

Q4. #PeoplePlanetWater is @TOTOUSA’s mark of excellence. How does sustainability factor into your specifying process? #kbtribechat

Q5 Stone fabrication has come so far in last 10 years. @CambriaQuartz wants to know your opinion>What’s next for quartz surfaces? #kbtribechat

Q6 . @CambriaQuartz says the only limit is a designer’s imagination. How would you push the envelope in surfaces? #kbtribechat

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