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#KBtribechat at #KBIS2022

Save the dates!

KBtribe attending KBIS:

Please join us for two, fun in person KBtribechat events at KBIS 2022.

We are so excited for KBIS 2022 and will be starting off the show with an exciting, not to be missed event!  The Progressive KBtribechat will be hosted by three sponsors, Rev-a-shelf, Wellborn Cabinet and Signature Kitchen Suite. The tour will start in the Rev-a-shelf booth (W951) at 1:30 pm eastern on the first day of the show. Enjoy networking in person with other industry pros while discovering the latest innovations and sharing on social media!  Each exhibitor host has an insiders program planned with treats and fun surprises. (Photos by Lisa Stewart Photography)

Attend to get a KBtribechat tote and fill it with goodies from each host. Pick up your I ❤️ KBtribechat bag at the first stop and fill it with swag from each sponsor. 

Put both KBtribechat events on your show planner!


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Progressive KBtribechat at KBIS

1:30 to 3pm ET in the west hall


1:30pm – 1:55 pm  Rev-A-Shelf (booth W951)

2pm – 2:25pm  Wellborn Cabinet (booth W1536)

2:30pm – 2:55pm  Signature Kitchen Suite (booth W2029)


Wednesday, February 9, 2022

KBtribechat Meet and Greet

2:00 to 3:00 pm eastern

Hosted by Whirlpool Corporation in Booth W2554. 

Join in the fun and get connected in person during the Wednesday KBtribechat hour at the show. Event participants will go home with a fun surprise.

Save these events to your show planner. We want to see you there! 

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Progressive #KBtribechat at #KBIS2020 Details

Attending KBIS:

Join us for a fun in person KBtribechat event on the first day of the show!

Enjoy networking in person with other industry pros while we discover the latest industry innovations and share on social media. Each exhibitor host has an insiders program planned with treats and fun surprises.

Attend to get an “I ❤️ KBtribechat” tote and fill it with goodies from each sponsor.

Date:  Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Time: 1:30pm to 3pm PST


Event Timing and Hosts:

1:30pm  Rev-A-Shelf  booth N2562 (@REVASHELF)

1:53 pm  Brizo  booth N2332 (Twitter: @Brizo | Instagram: @BrizoFaucet)

2:15pm  Wellborn Cabinet  booth N2905 (@WellbornCabinet)

2:40pm – 3pm  Signature Kitchen Suite  booth C8101 (@SKSappliances)


We have a new KBtribechat group Pinterest Board for Progressive KBtribechat at KBIS 2020 sharing.

If you would like to be added please let us know!


All three of the photos in this post are by Lisa Stewart Photography.

The following Progressive KBtribechat discussion questions will be asked during the event:

Participants will answer on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #kbtribechat.



Q1.) What is the one kitchen item or cabinet that is always unorganized?
Q2.) What is the most difficult aspect of incorporating lighting in your designs?
Q3) Live Tweeters: Snap your favorite Rev-a-shelf products and share now!


BRIZO_Black_Solid_preview (4)-1

Q1) The new Kintsu Bath Collection showcases influences from both Japanese and Scandinavian design approaches. What are your favorite elements of Japanese and/or Scandinavian design aesthetics that influence your work?#KBIS2020

Q2) The Odin Kitchen Collection by Brizo provides a range of finishes, spout and handle options that offer customizable luxury through a clean, sophisticated aesthetic. How do you ensure that your designs are personalized and unique? Are there any specific methods that help you hone in on personalization when completing a design for a client?

Q3) Live Tweeters: Snap your favorite Brizo products and share now!



Q1.) What type of technology do homeowners like to integrate into their kitchen and bath cabinetry?
Q2.) What design and color trends are you predicting for 2020? Share pictures of these trends that are within the Wellborn booth.
Q3.) Live Tweeters: Snap your favorite Wellborn Cabinet products and share now!

Signature Kitchen Suite Logo

Q1.) What are the top ventilation mistakes, and how do you avoid them?

Q2.) Your client loves to host dinners, complete with paired wines. What’s the best way to protect their prized wine collection?

Q3.) Live Tweeters: Snap your favorite Signature Kitchen Suite products and share now!

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#KBtribechat Events at #KBIS2014

We have two exciting events happening at KBIS next week:

On Tuesday, February 4th, starting at 1pm PST:


Meet us in the Amerock Hardware booth N137 at 1pm for the first stop on our progressive KBtribechat event.

We’re thrilled to be leading a special edition #KBTRIBECHAT on the show floor at KBIS!  Join us for from 1:00 to 2:00 at the show on Tuesday, February 4.  The sponsors for this chat, Amerock, Wellborn Cabinetry and Cambria are all launching new designs and innovative initiatives at KBIS 2014. We’ll be weaving our questions in and around these exciting sponsor developments for a lively, inspiring chat!

Q1 Functional can be beautiful e.g. @amerockhardware’s new NOW collection. Share ways to take practical to perfect!  

Q2 Copper is back & big! @amerockhardware has new brushed copper finishes. What do you pair with copper?

Q3 Cabinetry can be used in every room & @wellborncabine1 is nailing this! What unexpected places can you use cabinets?

Q4 @WellbornCabine1 are always innovating. What are some unique ways manufacturers can stay ahead of consumer expectations?

Q5 The @CambriaQuartz design palette is most extensive in industry. What colors do you see as “risk taking” in surfaces?

Q6 @CambriaQuartz booth has incorporated influences from the fashion industry. What fashion influences do you see in K & B trends? 

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 4.05.50 PM

Remember to follow along using hashtags #kbtribechat and #kbis2014.

Make sure to follow our sponsors: @KBIS2014, @AmerockHardware, @WellbornCabine1 and @CambriaQuartz.

On Wednesday, February 5th, at 11am PST:

Formica Group is hosting our Wednesday KBtribechat discussion LIVE in their booth! Join us from 11am to 12pm PST.


#KBtribechat KBIS 2014 Edition

11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET, Wednesday, February 5

Sponsored and Hosted by Formica Corporation, Booth N1063

In addition to our regular #kbtribechat participants, we encourage all KBIS attendees and exhibitors to join us for the annual face-to-face Twitter chat and networking event.

Chat questions:

Q1: What are some of the top new products being unveiled at @KBIS2014?

Q2: Which new home technology products make you most excited? 

Q3: How are manufacturers using technology to replicate natural materials (i.e. faux-spotting)?

Q4: Design around Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of the Year. Share complementary product finds from @KBIS2014.  

Q5: What are the must-see booths of @KBIS2014?

Your #kbtribechat assignments are as follows:

  • KBIS attendees and exhibitors – Reference our chat questions as you walk the show on Day 1. Take lots of photos (please note exhibitor information) and report your findings from 11 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, Feb. 5, using the #kbtribechat hashtag. Make your way to Formica Corporation’s booth (N1063) during the chat time, network and enjoy a cookie (or two).
  • #kbtribechat friends experiencing the show via social media – Hop on the weekly chat at its regularly scheduled time and experience the show through the eyes of your colleagues. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. And, revel in the fact that you’re not being tempted by the cookies!

Images captured in our show reporting will be posted on the #kbtribechat Design & Construction Week 2014 Pinterest board. Be sure to follow @KBIS2014,@kbtribechat and @FormicaGroup on Twitter during Design & Construction Week to get a front-row seat for all things KBIS.

Here is the transcript for our KBIS week!

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#KBTRIBECHAT is good for your health!

Sponsoring Manufacturers Miele, Mr. Steam and Capital Cooking bring the tribe to the show floor at Dwell on Design

Mark your calendar for a special edition, lifestyle #KBTRIBCHAT on Friday, June 21st at 11:00 PST/2:00 EST brought to you live from the three locations at Dwell on Design. Our progressive tweetup will explore healthy cuisine and healthy lifestyles and how it relates to kitchen and bath professionals.

Not attending Dwell on Design? Follow the fun and action using hashtag #kbtribechat and be sure to support our sponsor accounts @MieleUSA, @steamtherapy and @capitalranges.


The first stop on our tweet tour is Miele, Booth 631 where you will experience live culinary demonstrations, showcasing the new Miele Combi-Steam Oven. As the pioneer in steam oven technology, Miele has perfected the art of steam cooking with this latest innovation. As its name implies, the Miele Combi-Steam Oven combines the power of steam and convection technology into one appliance. Whether using steam, convection or combination mode, the look and taste you receive are healthy, gourmet results.

MS logo + feel good vector

Next stop is Mr. Steam, Booth 1730, where Martha Orellana, a.k.a. “Mrs. Steam” will talk about the health benefits of a daily steam (just look at her beautiful skin while she talks!), and why steam showers are the best choice for new and remodeled bathrooms, large and small.


The tweetup ends at Capital Cooking, Booth 1331, where we will discuss kitchen design for true “foodies” and what home chefs look for in appliances. Organic, local produce with a twist will play a starring role prepared on Capital Culinarian ranges.


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