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January 18 at #KBtribechat – A #KBIS2017 Recap with #BlogTourKBIS

Sponsored and hosted by Mr.Steam.


The KBtribechat questions:

1. What was the most innovative product you saw at KBIS 2017? Share pics and Pinterest boards!

2. What did you see for the first time that you want to start including in your remodels? Share pics and Pinterest boards!

3. Did you learn anything at KBIS 2017 that will help you upsell your clients? Share pics, quotes!

4. Was there one stand out finish for kitchen or bath that you saw? Share pics and Pinterest boards!

5. Is there one product category that you think needs innovation? Share pics and Pinterest boards!

6. What was your single favorite moment during KBIS 2017 or #BlogTourKBIS? Share pics, videos, quotes.

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Join this Twitter Chat discussion

on Wednesday, January 18th

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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The Design For Life Tour

A Special Edition KBtribechat
Live from the show floor at Dwell on Design
Friday, June 20th
11am to noon

We are excited to announce that Miele, DXV and Mr. Steam are sponsoring our KBtribechat progressive event at Dwell in Los Angeles. This three stop tour will embrace things that make for better living. Mark your calendars and plan to start the show meeting up with your KBtribe friends!




The first stop on the tour is Miele, Booth 1301, where Miele will unveil “Design for Life” and its newest generation of built-in appliances, including ovens, steam ovens, combi-ovens and coffee systems. The new series is the most significant Miele product launch in the United States. Setting benchmarks in design, technology and innovation, Miele ensures unprecedented convenience, performance and elegance. Experience the series with live culinary demonstrations in the Miele space and see how each appliance flawlessly complements another in form, function and materials – elevating the culinary experience.


Question #1

Why is it important for manufacturers to develop appliances that are “Designed for Life” as opposed to just functionality?

Question #2

How do you see Truffle Brown finding its way into the design scene?



The second stop on the tour is American Standard – booth #1201

As American Standard Brands enters its fifteenth decade of business, it proudly launches DXV by American Standard, a flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products celebrating the company’s distinguished 140-plus-year heritage.

DXV by American Standard comprises a premium selection of meticulously crafted fixture and faucet collections curated into four broad movements from the last 140 years: Classic (1880 – 1920), Golden Era (1920 – 1950), Modern (1950 – 1990), and Contemporary (1990 – today). More than reproductions, these exquisite products blend the artisanal character of the past with the aesthetic and performance sensibilities of today.

The portfolio also includes a collection of kitchen sinks and fittings, as well as the AT Series, a state-of-the-art smart toilet recently profiled in the Los Angeles Times.

In a unique move, DXV established an online and print community for designers, architects and creative individuals to discuss their experience with the products in the real world and spark inspiration among their peers. To start the conversation, meet the inaugural DXV Design Panel  and see the six highly individual spaces they created drawing on the DXV portfolio of products


Question #1

To Bidet or Not to Bidet: Is America ready? Will smart toilets gain acceptance?

Question #2

What could bath manufacturers offer to help you bring wellness to home bathrooms?

MS logo + feel good vector


The third stop on our tour is Mr. Steam – booth #917

Your work as design professionals makes life better for your clients. The colors they see and the textures they feel create the emotional response they have every time they walk into their home.

Perhaps no space in the home makes this connection more than the bathroom, where your expertise touches the most personal aspects of your clients’ lives.

A home steam shower from Mr. Steam, the Feel Good company, can be the difference between creating a beautiful bathroom and designing a complete in-home wellness experience. Regular steam sessions can benefit respiratory health, nourish and hydrate skin, and promote restful sleep, just to name a few of the 44 benefits of steam showers. Steam showers are the sustainable luxury, using no more than two gallons of water for a 20-minute steam.

Help educate your clients with the Steam Showers Buying Guide from Mr. Steam.

Life is better when you feel good. Mr. Steam is Feel Good, Inc.



Question #1

Ask Mrs Steam: Tweet questions to Martha Orellana about specifying and installing residential steam showers. #askMrsSteam

Question #2

What do you think are the top 10 benefits of steam?

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#KBTRIBECHAT is good for your health!

Sponsoring Manufacturers Miele, Mr. Steam and Capital Cooking bring the tribe to the show floor at Dwell on Design

Mark your calendar for a special edition, lifestyle #KBTRIBCHAT on Friday, June 21st at 11:00 PST/2:00 EST brought to you live from the three locations at Dwell on Design. Our progressive tweetup will explore healthy cuisine and healthy lifestyles and how it relates to kitchen and bath professionals.

Not attending Dwell on Design? Follow the fun and action using hashtag #kbtribechat and be sure to support our sponsor accounts @MieleUSA, @steamtherapy and @capitalranges.


The first stop on our tweet tour is Miele, Booth 631 where you will experience live culinary demonstrations, showcasing the new Miele Combi-Steam Oven. As the pioneer in steam oven technology, Miele has perfected the art of steam cooking with this latest innovation. As its name implies, the Miele Combi-Steam Oven combines the power of steam and convection technology into one appliance. Whether using steam, convection or combination mode, the look and taste you receive are healthy, gourmet results.

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Next stop is Mr. Steam, Booth 1730, where Martha Orellana, a.k.a. “Mrs. Steam” will talk about the health benefits of a daily steam (just look at her beautiful skin while she talks!), and why steam showers are the best choice for new and remodeled bathrooms, large and small.


The tweetup ends at Capital Cooking, Booth 1331, where we will discuss kitchen design for true “foodies” and what home chefs look for in appliances. Organic, local produce with a twist will play a starring role prepared on Capital Culinarian ranges.


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Steamy Shower Thoughts






Hosted by Nora DePalma

About Mr. Steam
Making Wellness a Way of Life®, Mr. Steam® provides the finest quality steam showers and towel warmers for residential and commercial use. Mr. Steam products help support a healthy lifestyle with innovative accessories, including AromaSteam™ aromatic oils system, ChromaSteam™ mood lighting system, in-shower Musictherapy® speakers, and in-shower seating to enhance the steam bathing experience. For more information, please visitwww.mrsteam.com or call toll-free: 1-800-76-STEAM.

Some recent media coverage reports that tubs are dead; long live the shower. Trend or not? What defines a sustainable, accessible yet luxurious bathing experience? Sponsored by Mr. Steam, US-based manufacturer of the world’s most luxurious steam showers and steam baths, our chat will cover these topics:

– How do you specify an enjoyable, yet sustainable shower system?

– Are your customers aware of home steam showers as an option for new or remodeled baths?

– How do you educate customers about the home steam shower option?

– Are you specifying tubs and whirlpools in home bathrooms? Why or why not?

– Let’s talk aging-in-place. Are you specifying walk-in tubs? Why or why not?

– Have you found a high-style option for shower safety: grab bars, seats, other options?

Our March 14 chat will be hosted by will be hosted by Nora DePalma of O’Reilly-DePalma, a marketing and public relations agency for the building products industry. Got ideas for other topics? Contact Nora or Mr. Steam via Twitter: @noradepalma, @steamtherapy.


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