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April 20 at #KBtribechat –  An Earth Day Conversation

Sponsored and Hosted by Beko

Co-Hosted by Beko Healthy Kitchen Council member Suzanne Felber

Our KBtribechat questions:
  1. What does it mean to be living sustainably through design?
  2. Do designers have a responsibility to advise clients on the environmental impact of products in their homes?
  3. How can we inspire more clients to choose sustainable appliances when designing/building their homes?
  4. In what way can major appliance brands become more sustainable in the near future?
  5. What environmentally-friendly designs have you implemented recently? Show us your work!
  6. We always have New Years resolutions, so let’s make some for Earth Day! What are some of your Earth Day resolutions for this year?

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Design Disruptors: Trends and Changes Affecting The Design Community

Hosted by Suzanne Felber

DCW KBTribeChat Thermador 10

There are lots of changes, disruptions, and opportunities happening in the design community. They are affecting how we market, who we market to, and how we charge for our services. Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber has been behind the scenes tracking some of these new innovations and changes, and she is anxious to discuss them with the KBTribeChat community.

Houzz has purchased Ivy,  sources like Pottery Barn are now offering free design services, and customers can now purchase their their furniture directly from manufacturers like Bassett or major online presences such as Amazon and Houzz.  How do we convince consumers to hire and pay a fair price to designers? These and other questions are topics we are looking forward to diving into during this KBtribechat.

The KBtribechat Questions: 

Q1: Have you noticed that your customers are shopping online and buying directly?  Have you had customers take your design ideas and buy what you recommended on their own? Explain!

Q2: How do we find companies that will protect our ideas and intellectual property instead of selling directly to our customers?

Q3: Has the Houzz / Ivy acquisition affected you, and if so how?

Q4: What new ideas and innovations are you seeing as far as selling your design services?

Q5: Modular and PreFab housing including tiny homes have really grown in popularity – do you see these types of homes being an opportunity for us?

Q6: Does being active in a trade organization help you market your services? How could those trade organizations do a better job job of promoting you to customers?

Q7: Where do you see the design industry going from here?


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 Here’s a link to the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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