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August 12 at #KBtribechat – Retrain your Brain!

Hosted by Irene Williams.

Irene williams

Anybody feel like this year is one long Groundhog Day experiment?

There’s no denying we’re facing uniquely challenging times. No one is exempt from the unexpected circumstances of this year. It’s one for the books, and most of us are probably ready for these books to be closed forever, please-and-thank-you!

When we originally scheduled this KBTribeChat session on “How to Retrain Your Brain,” we had no idea what would the days ahead would hold. Back then, we knew that busy kitchen & bath designers and biz people would benefit from a chat about how mindset strategies can positively impact both professional and personal lives. Now, the topic seems more relevant than ever!

For this chat, we’re going to get into some ‘real talk.’ We’ll trade notes on how we’re doing and what perspectives we have as this year progresses. And we’ll share practical ways to “mind our brains” on an ongoing basis, so that we can be more resilient and able to move forward—even when the unexpected occurs.

Irene Williams will be on hand to guide the discussion. After more than a decade as an independent business owner working with brands in our industry, Irene realized the most valuable lessons gained in entrepreneurship related to core life skills and mindset that translate to all areas of life. She’s created online courses to help others learn the same things, as well.

The goal of this chat is to not only empathize with each other professionally and personally, but also to crowd-source real-life insights and ideas to grow, learn, and improve through it all—even the unexpected.

Our KBtribechat Questions:

How’re you faring? Share where you’re at personally, professionally—the good and not-so-good.

What do you wish you’d had in place/already conquered prior to the surprise of 2020? (i.e. – better organization, an established workout routine, more web-based biz solutions, etc.)

What pivots/changes have you made this year? Any new biz strategies, mindset shifts, reprioritizing?

Still working from home? Offer your tips for being productive, staying connected.

What are your best lessons learned or skills acquired this year? What will you carry with you into the future?

Join this Twitter conversation

on Wednesday, August 12

from 2 to 3pm eastern

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s the transcript.

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11-6-19 at #KBTRIBECHAT: “Uncork that Creativity!”

Hosted by Paula Kennedy CMKBD

rl image

There are two questions I am so tired of hearing, “What magazines do you read for inspiration?” as if that’s the only way to be creative, and “What’s trending right now?” My immediate gut response is . . . . “put down the magazine and go OUTSIDE!” no offense to magazines. And, “if it’s IN right now, it’s already OUT . . . ask me what I think will be IN in the next 5-10 years!” THAT’s what turns me on!

In our industry we are so focused on how to inspire our clients but what happens if WE are stretched too thin, are sleep deprived, over committed and nearing burn out or simply just stuck in a rut. I find most of us never want to admit that publicly (I see your Instagram lives!), though privately I hear way too many designers (and non-designers) admit they feel just like that.

“Creativity is more than a career, it’s a way of life!” Paula

If you want to experience more creativity in your life and in your work you need only to remove the blocks that exist in your life until it starts to flow naturally again. Creativity is a force of nature; it will occur if it is allowed, it simply needs to be UNCORKED!

Creativity is the ability to imagine what has never existed, to see the big picture, to find the subtle connections between seemingly unrelated things. ALL of us have the ability to be creative, not just prominently Right brained individuals.
Think of this ability as something that will naturally happen if you just get out of its way. We need to be conscious about how to rejuvenate it, inspire it, protect it, exercise it, practice it and share it. I like thinking of it in terms of exercise . . . your creativity muscle needs to be loosened up and exercised just like any other muscle.


Paula’s IGNITE CREATIVITY KBtribechat Questions:

Question 1: Be honest, do you ever feel stagnant, stuck or burnt out, either now or in the past?

Question 2: What blocks your creativity? (Get creative and use a GIF if applicable)

Question 3: What are your go-to methods to revive yourself and your ability to be creative? Feel free to share images of yourself doing these activities.

Question 4: How do you instill confidence in your clients to trust your creativity to help them get out of their comfort zones?

Question 5: What other industries do you follow to keep ahead of the “what’s in” question?

Question 6: How do you stay inspired within our industry locally and nationally? What events do you get the most value out of?

cropped even smaller color

Your list of activities to cultivate your creativity will look different. Join me at http://www.facebook.com/ignitecreativity to see what my entire list is and share yours with a growing community of creatives. I travel nationally to visit trade association chapters offering Ignite Creativity and many other Kitchen & Bath related CEU’s.

Do something Creative every day!

Paula Kennedy CMKBD, CLIPP, CACC
Inspirational Speaker. Writer. Designer. Creativity Guru. Educator. Serial Entrepreneur. Timeless Kitchen Design
425-466-4483 text/cell
Twitter: @paulakennedyckd
KBDN Top 50 Innovators 2018
NKBA Professional of the Year
NKBA Lifetime Ambassador & Diplomat
NKBA Voices from the Industry & Subject Matter Expert
Ignite Creativity


Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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July 11 at #KBtribechat – Being Inspired



Our KBtribechat Questions:

1.) What do you find key to staying creative and inspired?

2.) Do travels inspire your designs? In what ways?

3.) Does following your friend’s travels and experiences provide inspiration? What sites are best for this?

4.) What print and online magazines are inspirational for kitchen and bath design?

5.) What online sites do you use to share or search for inspirational ideas?

6.) Blogs can provide design inspiration! What are your favorites?

7.) What experiences inspire you? Cooking? Showrooms? Design Showcases? Trade shows? Nature? Spa visits? Why?

8.) What topics would you like to discuss at KBtribechat? There is much to be inspired by in our weekly discussions! Please share your ideas for future chats.


Join this Twitter Chat discussion

on Wednesday, July 11

from 2 to 3 pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s a link to view the transcript for this KBtribechat.


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