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April 5th at #KBtribechat – Historical Designs

Hosted by Nancy Young CLIPP™, CKBD

We were intrigued by Nancy’s Voices From the Industry session at KBIS 2023 on American Craftsman: Designing the Heart of Daily Living and asked her to host KBtribechat on the topic. She brings her twenty plus years of expertise as a kitchen and bathroom designer on this fascinating aspect of design.

Nancy’s KBtribechat questions:

1. Are you aware of historical properties/buildings/districts in your city or town? Have a great example?

2. Do you know the Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties as defined by the Secretary of Interior?

3. Have you been involved with any of these properties?  Either in design or as a docent?

4. Are there certain eras that are more popular than others in your area? Such as Arts & Crafts, Art Deco or MidCentury Modern?

5. Do you think any of these eras are more popular now across the US or is the popularity waning? Is Art Deco on the rise?

6. Give some examples of current resources to complete designs from these 3 eras.

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Our November 3 #KBtribechat is all about Mid-Century Modern Design!

Our KBtribechat questions:

1.) How would you define Mid-Century Modern and what are some of your favorite materials and accents used when designing in this style?

2.) What is the most important aspect of Mid-Century Modern design in kitchens?

3.) The essence of a Mid-Century Modern space lies within the details, finishes, and materials used. What details are you seeing become more popular among your clients who want Mid-Century flair?

4.) It’s not just kitchens, we are seeing a rise in popularity and demand for Mid-Century Modern bathrooms too. What elements best make up a Mid-Century Modern bathroom?.

5.) Lighting plays a key role in defining any space, but how does a Mid-Century Modern style influence that role?

6.) What styles and features are ideal for cabinets in a Mid-Century Modern space?

7.) White will always be a mainstay of modern design, but what colors do you see as on-trend right now for Mid-Century style?

8.) Share your favorite examples of Mid-Century Modern design.  Let’s see pictures!

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