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July 8 at #KBtribechat – Kitchen and Bath Showrooms: Bricks, Online, and Hybrid

Hosted by Scott Koehler

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Scott’s KBtribechat Questions:

1.)  How are kitchen and bath showrooms changing in 2020?

2A.)  What are the advantages/disadvantages of a virtual showroom?

2B.)  What are the advantages/disadvantages of a brick-and-mortar showroom? 

2C.)  What are the advantages of having brick-and-mortar AND virtual showroom capabilities? 

3.)  What role has technology played in the changing landscape of kitchen and bath showrooms?

4.)  Do you work on kitchen and bath designs via video conferencing apps like ZOOM, FaceTime, Microsoft teams? Do you like video conferencing? Why?

5.)  What is the biggest item you have purchased online without ever seeing it in person? 

6.)  What would you tell a young designer who is just coming into the kitchen and bath industry about the need for a showroom? 

7.)  Are kitchen and bath showrooms changed forever by COVID-19 or will things go back to the way they were pre Coronavirus? 

8.)  Do you work out of a brick-and-mortar showroom or virtually or both?


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Here’s a link to view the Hashtracking transcript for this KBtribechat discussion.

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K+B Color Trends

A design discussion.


A gray kitchen seen at KBIS 2014.

Are you finding gray to be the new white?

Los Angeles Times reporter Lauren Beale says “The graying of America has hit home — in its kitchen cabinets, bathroom counters and bedroom walls. The white-on-white look has had a lock on home interiors in recent years but is becoming passé, tastemakers have decreed.”

KBtribe – Do you agree?

Is color a huge factor in making a sale? 

Mark Woodman, immediate past president of the Color Marketing Group in Alexandria, Virginia says “Up to 85% of the consumer decision is based on color.”

Do you find this to be true?

If color is this important in client choices, isn’t having a showroom important? 

We hear that many K+B pros are closing their showrooms.  Showrooming, finding a product in a showroom and buying it online, is a new issue. Is having a showroom is still essential or have you found new ways to communicate choices to your clients?

What is your advice regarding color in the kitchen?

Is wood stained cabinetry still popular? Dark or Light?

What is your advice regarding color in the bathroom?

We want to see pics for all of the above!

Join this discussion on Twitter – Wednesday, May 28th from 2 to 3pm eastern time – by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets.

Here is the TRANSCRIPT for this KBtribechat.






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