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Outdoor Living Trends

A design discussion!

kaboompics_Jars on a wooden garden table

Our KBtribechat questions:

Spring is here and we’re dreaming of sunny summer days. Bringing the inside out and visa versa is what most of us want for our homes, at least in the warm months.

Q1.) What are your favorite tips to create outdoor spaces with creature comforts?

Q2.) What is trending now with Outdoor Kitchens? (features, materials, appliances, looks)

Q3.) What are your top tips to bring the outdoors in?

Q4.) What are the most desired features in today’s outdoor spaces?

Q5.) Growing our own food is gaining in popularity. What are your favorite ways to incorporate herbs, fruits and vegetables into yards of all sizes?

Q6.) What are some simple and budget-friendly ways to spruce up your outdoor space?

Q7.) Any new, exciting outdoor products, materials or applications you’d like to share?


Join this Twitter conversation

on Wednesday, March 21

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s a link to the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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The Kitchen Garden

One of the joys of summer is the abundance of fresh produce that is available for us to cook with and enjoy this time of year.  Growing our own herbs, fruits and vegetables adds to this enjoyment.   There is nothing more satisfying than tending a garden and preparing a meal with freshly picked homegrown items.


Do you have a kitchen garden? Do you grow some things in pots? Do you have herbs growing in your yard, tucked into the landscape and ready to be used in recipes as needed?

Fresh picked produce is gourmet on it’s own and a simple pleasure of the season.  What are your favorite ways to include the bounty of your garden in your summer meals?

What do you do when you have too much?  We want your ideas for preserving beyond the season.

Do you compost? What do you think of the built-into the countertop compost buckets? Have you found a compost bucket or bin design you really like? How do collect your compostable items in the kitchen?


We will be discussing all this and more at #kbtribechat on Twitter – August 14th from 2 to 3pm eastern time.  You are invited to join us!


Here is the transcript for this kbtribechat.

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