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Home Fashion Influences on Kitchen and Bath Design

A Design Discussion
Hosted by Toni Sabatino


Design by Toni Sabatino

To me, interior design is the ultimate in styling. I have enjoyed the trend over the past few years of seeing luxury kitchens and baths become fashion statements. The style of the home offers an intimate look at the inhabitant, and I think it should fit the homeowner like a custom suit. Our industry has followed the clothing industry, offering everything from vintage menswear, to glitz and glam, to hippie chic, including houndstooth tile, glamorous crystal lighting and cabinet hardware and organic textures like bamboo cabinets and flooring. I view this as a major opportunity for the kitchen and bath designer to create something really special for the client and bulild an amazing portfolio. As I look at a space and start my inspiration process, I ask myself: How can I create a space that makes the client feel amazing and “dresses” them well? Here are some questions I think about as I invite you to share your thoughts on the “Fashion of our Kitchen and Bath Industry.”

Q1 Do you feel home fashion trends are influenced by the clothing industry or the other way around? Please explain!
Q2 Where do you get your initial inspiration for project style and color?
Q3 Do you see commonalities in how a client dresses and what makes them comfortable in a space?
Q4 Do you find that a client who wears lots of jewelry or a nice watch will spend more on “bling-y” faucets, lighting and hardware?
Q5 Softness and romance are fashion forecasts; do you see those replacing modern in home design?
Q6 What are your favorite home fashions? Show pics!

by  Toni Sabatino

Design by Toni Sabatino

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Design by Toni Sabatino

Design by Toni Sabatino

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