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June 8 at #KBtribechat – Restaurant Style at Home!

A design discussion.

Our KBtribechat questions:

1.) How would you define a pro residential kitchen?

2.) What features would be helpful to the serious home cook who wants a pro style kitchen?

3.) What design features can we borrow from restaurant kitchens?

4.) What appliances help the home chef get restaurant results?

5.) How can we get a restaurant vibe at home?

6.) What cutting edge cooking methods, tools and ingredients do you recommend for serious foodies? Share recipes too!

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August 25 at #KBtribechat – Kitchens Designed for Healthy Living

This KBtribechat discussion is Sponsored and Hosted by BEKO.

Today’s kitchen designed for healthy living is at the center of Beko’s commitment to health and wellness on a personal and planetary level. 

Beko is the fastest growing appliance brand in Europe, and they are quickly making their presence known in the US market. Beko has been committed to offer next-generation home appliances with the proven technologies and product features to empower Americans to live healthier lives and contribute to a healthier planet.

On August 25th #KBtribechat and Beko will host a discussion on the topic of kitchens for healthy living. We will come together and tweet about the latest trends, sustainability, and what’s to come for the future of healthy kitchens.

Our KBtribechat questions:

Q1.) Is what you eat influenced by the kind of kitchen you keep?

Q2.) How can a well appointed kitchen promote healthy eating habits?

Q3.) What technologies or techniques are improving food preservation for healthier living?

Q4.) How can home cooking encourage eating more fruits and veggies?

Q5.) How can advances in technology foster a healthier lifestyle?

Q6.) How has the Farm to Table movement changed the way we shop and eat?

Q7.) How can we reduce waste in the kitchen?

Join this Twitter conversation

on Wednesday 8/25 at 2pm eastern

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September 30 at #KBtribechat – Wine and Dine with KBtribe

An inspirational culinary discussion!

Our KBtribechat Questions:

1.) Are you doing more cooking and baking at home this year? From breads and pizza to involved menus, what recipes were the most delicious?

2.) What appetizer and beverage combos are your favorites?

3.) What wine and food parings do you enjoy?

4.) What are your go to meals for days you need something easy and satisfying but don’t want to go out?

5.) Do you have any new kitchen equipment or techniques you’re excited about or have reconnected with this year? Do tell!

6.) What are your favorite cookbooks and recipe sites?

7.) Best comfort foods? Go!

8.) It’s Autumn! What culinary experiences are you looking forward to creating?

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on Wednesday, September 30

from 2 to 3pm eastern

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#KBtribechat Reboot for this Wednesday!

Add a little bit of body text-12

Things have changed and so has our topic.

Our new #KBtribechat Questions for this week:

Q1) What changes have you seen in home design in the last decade? Do you think our current events will change home design? How?

Q2) How are you adapting with all the new demands on home? #office #classroom

Q3) Do you find yourself cooking in more? Share your ideas and recipes! We need inspiration.

Q4.) Have you changed how you are shopping? Have you tried home grocery delivery? What about meal prep services?

Q5.) Has technology helped you cope this week? What about social media?

Q6.) How do you expect the Covid-19 pandemic to affect your business?

Q7.) Are there ways we can do more to help? Please share!


Join this Twitter conversation

on Wednesday, March 18

from 2 to 3pm eastern

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat discussion.


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