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December 1 at #KBtribechat – HOLIDAY DECORATING for Joy and Cheer

A design discussion!

Our KBtribechat Questions:

1.) When do you start decorating the home for the December holidays?

2.) How do you get into the holiday spirit?

3.) KBtribe are Tastemakers! Share your ideas for decorating the home for the holidays this year. How do you deck the halls?

4.) What colors help set the holiday mood?

5.) How do you add holiday cheer to the kitchen?

6.) How do you decorate power rooms for the season?

7.) Spreading joy! What gift ideas do you recommend for the home cook? The hostess? Clients? Make-and-give?

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December 16 at #KBtribechat – Holiday Kitchens

Our KBtribechat questions:

Q1: How do you decorate your kitchens for the holiday?

Q2: What tips for easy and festive entertaining do you have?

Q3: Cheers to the holiday! What’s your go-to cocktail this time of year?

Q4: What’s your favorite cookie to bake or receive?

Q5: What recipe best represents your family traditions?

Q6: What’s your favorite gift from the kitchen to give?

Q7: What easy but creative ideas do you have for gift wrapping that will be eye-catching?

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Festive Kitchens

An inspirational holiday discussion to get us in the spirit!


KBtribechat group Pinterest boards  –

Holiday Inspirations

Holiday Kitchens (a KBtribechat group board started by Franke)

Let us know if you’d like to pin with us!


The KBtribechat questions:

1.) Do you dress your kitchen for the season? Share ways to add a festive touch to the kitchen during the holidays. We want to see pictures!

2.) Holiday baking is a December highlight.  What are your favorite cookie recipes?

3.) Do you use a convection oven? What are the advantages? What are they best for? Share recipes!

4.) Please share time saving tips and recipes for making entertaining a breeze during the holidays.

5.) What are your must have dishes for family gatherings? #HolidayFoodTraditions  Share recipes!

6.) Heartfelt gifts from the kitchen are fun to give and receive. Share favorite ideas for homemade gifts.

7.) What gifts do you recommend for family and friends who like to cook?

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Here is the  transcript for this KBtribechat.


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