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The New Face of Marketing

We are proud to announce that the August 29, 2012 kbtribechat will be hosted by  prolific blogger, social media specialist, builder Todd Vendituoli.   Join us in a discussion on The New Face Of Marketing – with four generations in the marketplace now!  This chat will take place on Twitter from 2 to 3pm eastern time.

This SlideShare will be helpful in our discussion!

Here are our discussion questions:
1.) There are 4 generations in the marketplace now. Are you marketing to all of them?
2.) Do you market differently to different age groups? Explain!
3.) Gen Y are those in their 20s. Are they a factor in kitchen & bath sales? What do find they want?
4.) Gen X are 31-42. What do you find they are looking for in regards to their home/kitchen/bath?
5.) The Baby Boomers are those 43-61. What do you find about this group in regards to your sales?
6.) The Civics are those over 62. Are you selling to them? What?


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