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May 17th at #KBtribechat – Kitchen Gardens

Our KBtribechat Questions:

1.) Do you have a dedicated kitchen garden area? Tell us about it! What do you grow?

2.) If there is no area in the yard large enough for a veggie garden, how can we still grow some produce?

3.) How can produce be grown indoors?

4.) Flowers are also a joy to grow. How do you include flowers in your garden? Tell us about them!

5. Fresh picked produce is a simple pleasure of the season.  What are your favorite ways to include the bounty of your garden or farmers market in your summer meals?

6.) What do you do when you have too much?  Share your ideas for preserving beyond the season.

7.) Do you compost? What do you think of the built-into the countertop compost buckets? Have you found a compost bucket or bin design you really like? How do collect your compostable items in the kitchen?

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