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October 5 at #KBtribechat – Kitchen Ventilation

A design discussion!

Sponsored and Hosted by Zephyr

Lux Connect ventilation

Our KBtribechat questions:

  1. a) How important is kitchen ventilation to your clients during the design process? b) When you’re designing a kitchen, at what point do you start thinking about ventilation?
  2. Do you find that customers are educated more now about clean air in the home?
  3. How have client expectations and requests changed over the last two years and what’s top of mind for clients these days when it comes to a healthy kitchen environment?
  4. How can technology play a role in helping keep the kitchen healthy? What are the most high-impact investments you can make to develop a healthy kitchen?
  5. Share trends that you are noticing around kitchen ventilation. (Style, smart technology, energy efficiency, etc.) – Please share photos! 
  6. What type of innovation, design or technology would you like to see in kitchen ventilation?
  7. Zephyr also has a line of Presrv Wine & Beverage Coolers. How are your clients integrating wine or beverage coolers throughout the home?
  8. What type of features do you look for in wine and beverage coolers? 
  9. Share photos of your favorite wine and/or beverage cooler installations. 
Presrv Full Size Wine & Beverage Cooler

About Zephyr

For the past 25 years, Zephyr has transformed the kitchen through design, discovery, and care, and played an integral role in kitchen design trends. The company leads the ventilation category with groundbreaking technology and has collaborated with cutting-edge creative talents. 

With the introduction of Presrv™ Wine and Beverage Coolers, Zephyr applies its signature, superior craftsmanship to the art of refrigeration. Presrv reflects the smart design and technology of Zephyr’s original ventilation products in a whole new context, providing accessible wine and beverage cooling products to everyone from the casual home entertainer to the seasoned wine enthusiast.

Mesa Wall in Satin Gold

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