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October 17 at #KBtribechat – Bathroom Talk

Sponsored and Hosted by American Standard, DXV and GROHE, part of LIXIL Americas



Creating the perfect bathroom is an exciting and thoughtful process. There are lots of upgrades and design choices that can be made to take a simple bathroom and turn it into an oasis. Join American Standard, DXV and GROHE, part of LIXIL Americas, for a chat on all things about the bathroom on October 17 at 2 pm. Make sure to post lots of pictures. 



Our KBTribeChat questions:

  1. What are some of your favorite upcoming bathroom trends? Why?
  2. Which tech features do you see will become more and more relevant in the bathroom?
  3. Which style is more relevant in your area of the country for the bathroom– Classic, Modern or Contemporary? Share pics of examples
  4. Where do you spend most of your time/energy when it comes to designing, the shower/bath or the sink/vanity area?
  5. What are some of the most popular wellness features for the master bath?
  6. Tell us the top bathroom upgrade on your wish list. 
  7. What are some items/design choices you can add to the bathroom to immediately make it feel more luxurious?




American Standard makes life healthier, safer and more beautiful at home, at work and in our communities. For more than 140 years, the brand has innovated and created products that improve daily living in and around the bathroom and kitchen for residential and commercial customers. It has been recognized with 83 product innovation and design awards in the past five years. American Standard is part of LIXIL, a global leader in housing and building materials products and services. 


DXV is a portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products that reimagines the most influential design movements during the past 150 years: Classic (1890-1920), Golden Era (1920-1950), Modern (1950-1990), and Contemporary (1990-Present). The brand has been recognized with 23 product innovation and design awards in the past four years. DXV is part of LIXIL, a global leader in housing and building materials products and services.


GROHE is the world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings and a global brand, dedicated to providing innovative water products. For many decades, GROHE has been committed to the brand values of technology, quality, design and sustainability that all illustrate GROHE’s commitment to creating exceptional experiences and to delivering “Pure Freude an Wasser” (Pure Enjoyment of Water). With its engineering, innovation and design activities firmly anchored in Germany, GROHE products bear the badge of quality “Made in Germany”, ultimately strengthening the customers’ confidence in the brand. The success of GROHE has been recognized with around 300 design and innovation awards in the past 10 years alone. GROHE is part of LIXIL, a global leader in housing and building materials products and services. GROHE America has an office located in the heart of the Flatiron district that houses the GROHELIVE! Center, an interactive showroom created for inspiration and collaboration. 

LIXIL makes pioneering water and housing products that solve everyday, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Drawing on our Japanese heritage, we create world-leading technology and innovate to make high quality products that transform homes. But the LIXIL difference is how we do this; through meaningful design, an entrepreneurial spirit, a dedication to improving accessibility for all, and responsible business growth. Our approach comes to life through industry leading brands, including LIXIL, GROHE, American Standard, INAX, and TOSTEM, as well as specialty brands such as DXV. Over 70,000 colleagues operating in 150 countries are proud to make products that touch the lives of more than a billion people every day.

Learn more about us on our websites:




Here’s a link to view the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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World Toilet Day

A design discussion sponsored and hosted by American Standard.

Sep 13 IG FINAL (2) (1)

In preparation for World Toilet Day on November 19th, American Standard will host #KBTribechat the day before (November 18 at 2 p.m. eastern time) to discuss all things toilets. Functional, revolutionary and beautiful, the toilet is a necessity in the bathroom and therefore, we’ll chat about the key characteristics to look for when choosing a commode.

Once your perfect toilet is installed and ready to use, chances are you won’t be thinking about global sanitation with every flush. What we consider to be a commonplace product in the home is not even a realistic option for over one-third of the world’s population; unfortunately, 2.5 billion people do not have access to sanitation. The United Nations designated World Toilet Day to raise awareness about our global sanitation crisis and the ongoing efforts to support water conservation. What else should we be doing to raise awareness about global sanitation? Share your ideas for #WorldToiletDay during next week’s #KBTribechat.


KBtribechat Questions – 

• What stands out in your mind as superior functionality, in terms of toilet performance and cleanliness?

• What demand are you seeing for smart toilets?

• What style(s) are you seeing lately that are most popular in toilets?

• Turning our attention to global sanitation, how can we as an industry raise awareness about this crucial topic?

• What are you doing to celebrate World Toilet Day?

Join this Twitter Chat discussion

on Wednesday, November 18

from 2 to 3pm eastern

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.

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The Design For Life Tour

A Special Edition KBtribechat
Live from the show floor at Dwell on Design
Friday, June 20th
11am to noon

We are excited to announce that Miele, DXV and Mr. Steam are sponsoring our KBtribechat progressive event at Dwell in Los Angeles. This three stop tour will embrace things that make for better living. Mark your calendars and plan to start the show meeting up with your KBtribe friends!




The first stop on the tour is Miele, Booth 1301, where Miele will unveil “Design for Life” and its newest generation of built-in appliances, including ovens, steam ovens, combi-ovens and coffee systems. The new series is the most significant Miele product launch in the United States. Setting benchmarks in design, technology and innovation, Miele ensures unprecedented convenience, performance and elegance. Experience the series with live culinary demonstrations in the Miele space and see how each appliance flawlessly complements another in form, function and materials – elevating the culinary experience.


Question #1

Why is it important for manufacturers to develop appliances that are “Designed for Life” as opposed to just functionality?

Question #2

How do you see Truffle Brown finding its way into the design scene?



The second stop on the tour is American Standard – booth #1201

As American Standard Brands enters its fifteenth decade of business, it proudly launches DXV by American Standard, a flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products celebrating the company’s distinguished 140-plus-year heritage.

DXV by American Standard comprises a premium selection of meticulously crafted fixture and faucet collections curated into four broad movements from the last 140 years: Classic (1880 – 1920), Golden Era (1920 – 1950), Modern (1950 – 1990), and Contemporary (1990 – today). More than reproductions, these exquisite products blend the artisanal character of the past with the aesthetic and performance sensibilities of today.

The portfolio also includes a collection of kitchen sinks and fittings, as well as the AT Series, a state-of-the-art smart toilet recently profiled in the Los Angeles Times.

In a unique move, DXV established an online and print community for designers, architects and creative individuals to discuss their experience with the products in the real world and spark inspiration among their peers. To start the conversation, meet the inaugural DXV Design Panel  and see the six highly individual spaces they created drawing on the DXV portfolio of products


Question #1

To Bidet or Not to Bidet: Is America ready? Will smart toilets gain acceptance?

Question #2

What could bath manufacturers offer to help you bring wellness to home bathrooms?

MS logo + feel good vector


The third stop on our tour is Mr. Steam – booth #917

Your work as design professionals makes life better for your clients. The colors they see and the textures they feel create the emotional response they have every time they walk into their home.

Perhaps no space in the home makes this connection more than the bathroom, where your expertise touches the most personal aspects of your clients’ lives.

A home steam shower from Mr. Steam, the Feel Good company, can be the difference between creating a beautiful bathroom and designing a complete in-home wellness experience. Regular steam sessions can benefit respiratory health, nourish and hydrate skin, and promote restful sleep, just to name a few of the 44 benefits of steam showers. Steam showers are the sustainable luxury, using no more than two gallons of water for a 20-minute steam.

Help educate your clients with the Steam Showers Buying Guide from Mr. Steam.

Life is better when you feel good. Mr. Steam is Feel Good, Inc.



Question #1

Ask Mrs Steam: Tweet questions to Martha Orellana about specifying and installing residential steam showers. #askMrsSteam

Question #2

What do you think are the top 10 benefits of steam?

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