December 14 #KBtribechat is about Kitchens (plus some planning discussion for 2023!)

A design discussion!

Our KBtribechat questions:

  1. What elevates a kitchen to gourmet status?
  2. If you could add one “gourmet” feature to your kitchen right now what would it be?
  3. Describe your ideal gourmet kitchen. What would it contain?
  4. What materials, colors and finishes do you associate with gourmet kitchens?
  5. How do gourmet kitchens compare to chefs’ kitchens?
  6. What has been the most gourmet meal you’ve cooked?
  7. This is the last KBtribechat of the year so let’s talk planning for 2023. What topics do you want to discuss? Who would you like to see host? Please share your thoughts and ideas!

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on Wednesday at 2pm ET

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