We’re talking Tile on January 26 at #KBtribechat!

Sponsored and Hosted by Coverings

In early celebration of National Tile Day (mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 23), and in gearing up for Coverings 2022, which will take place April 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, #KBtribechat will feature a very special “Let’s Talk Tile” chat session on Wednesday, January 26 at 2 p.m. EST. 

Join peers and contacts from around the globe for this tile-focused Twitter chat to connect with kitchen and bath industry specialists, tile and stone industry experts, designers, architects, builders, contractors, installers, distributors, retailers, media outlet editors, and all types of tile enthusiasts. 

KBtribechat’s January 26 session will involve a lively discussion about the benefits and uses of porcelain and ceramic tile for specific applications as well as a look at some of the best and most exciting tile trends. Coverings 2022 event plans and updates will also be part of the chat. 

Ceramic tile is one of the most versatile surface materials and innovative design options, with many available shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and finishes. Yes, tile is beautiful, but it is also one of the healthiest and most hygienic choices available, being naturally resistant to bacteria, dust and other harmful pollutants.

Tile is low-maintenance and easy to clean, with superior performance in kitchens, baths and just about any indoor and outdoor specified location. Unlike many other surface options, ceramic tile offers sustainability benefits including being energy efficient and recyclable. Slip- and fire-resistant, tile provides uncompromising safety without sacrificing style.

Coverings is the preeminent event for the ceramic tile and natural stone industry in North America. Only at Coverings can kitchen and bath professionals, architects, designers, installers, retailers, distributors, fabricators, contractors, and many others from across the world experience the full benefits of tile, trending products, beautiful vignettes, and robust educational programs at no cost. Join this chat and Let’s Talk Tile. 

Also, learn more and register at no cost to attend Coverings 2022 at coverings.com.

For more tile information and inspiration, visit whytile.com.

Our #KBtribechat Questions:

Q. 1. #KBtribechat @Coverings: Many K&B and trade pros say tile offers true timeless luxury. Why do you think this is the case? Tweet a tile install pic that shows off timeless luxury.

Q. 2. #KBtribechat @Coverings: Outdoor kitchens and all sorts of alfresco living spaces are growing in popularity these days. What outdoor tile projects have you been a part of recently, or what do you love about tiled outdoor spaces? Pics please! 

Q. 3. #KBtribechat @Coverings: If you had to choose, which topic for your 2022 K&B or tile business success keeps you up at night, and why: Installation & Fabrication, Workforce & Profits, or Materials & Trends?

Q. 4. #KBtribechat @Coverings: Time for show and tell. Share a short description and a pic of your favorite tile installation (yours or one you admire) from 2021. 

Q. 5. #KBtribechat @Coverings: Health, wellness and environment are top of mind for everyone. Have you talked about the health/hygienic benefits of porcelain and ceramic tile compared to plastic/vinyl materials with your clients/customers? Why or why not? 

Q. 6. #KBtribechat @Coverings: What are you seeing as the latest tile trends in sizes, shapes, colors, designs, patterns, themes, etc.? Share pics if you can. 

Q. 7. #KBtribechat @Coverings: What was the most innovative, creative or unexpected use of tile you saw or heard about in 2021, or recent years? 

Q. 8. #KBtribechat @Coverings: A 3-parter here… What do you love about Las Vegas; what do you love about attending Coverings; and have you registered for #Coverings2022? Go! 

Join this Twitter conversation

at 2pm ET on Wednesday

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

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