Our November 3 #KBtribechat is all about Mid-Century Modern Design!

Our KBtribechat questions:

1.) How would you define Mid-Century Modern and what are some of your favorite materials and accents used when designing in this style?

2.) What is the most important aspect of Mid-Century Modern design in kitchens?

3.) The essence of a Mid-Century Modern space lies within the details, finishes, and materials used. What details are you seeing become more popular among your clients who want Mid-Century flair?

4.) It’s not just kitchens, we are seeing a rise in popularity and demand for Mid-Century Modern bathrooms too. What elements best make up a Mid-Century Modern bathroom?.

5.) Lighting plays a key role in defining any space, but how does a Mid-Century Modern style influence that role?

6.) What styles and features are ideal for cabinets in a Mid-Century Modern space?

7.) White will always be a mainstay of modern design, but what colors do you see as on-trend right now for Mid-Century style?

8.) Share your favorite examples of Mid-Century Modern design.  Let’s see pictures!

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2 responses to “Our November 3 #KBtribechat is all about Mid-Century Modern Design!

  1. Nancy Young

    This was my VFTI topic for the last in person KBIS!


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