October 21 at #KBtribechat – Slow Food and The Kitchen

A design discussion!

Our KBtibechat questions:

1.) What do we mean by Slow Food? Is the concept for restaurants only?

2.) How can we encourage limiting waste in the kitchen?

3.) It has recently been mentioned at KBtribechat that Microwaves are no longer needed in the kitchen. This fast cooking method adds nothing to food. Do your clients still want a microwave designed into their kitchen? Why or why not?

4.) Do you think growing more of our own produce is in our future? How can we achieve this? Will it be a new appliance category?

5.) Can we encourage the Slow Food concept with design? How?

6.) How can the home cook make the time to prepare and eat whole, locally-sourced foods as well as explore recipes and techniques involving culture and heritage? Share tips and resources.

7.) Do you have favorite recipes you’ve tried from different parts of the world? Please share!

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