August 2 at #KBtribechat – Where to Skimp and When to Splurge?

A design discussion!


Our discussion questions: 

1.) How can kitchens and bathrooms be updated without a complete remodel? Share tips that can make a big impact!

2.) When remodeling a kitchen, how can you cut costs without cutting corners? Explain!

3.) When remodeling a kitchen, what items are worth splurging on and why?

Share pictures!

4.) When remodeling a bathroom, where can we save money and still achieve quality results?

5.) What items are worth splurging on when remodeling a bathroom?

6.) What items are tops for return on investment?

Join this Twitter Chat conversation

on Wednesday, August 2

from 2 to 3pm eastern time

by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here’s the transcript for this Kbtribechat.





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