Get Ready to LIVE IT at KBIS 2016!

A #KBtribechat Twitter discussion sponsored and hosted by @KBIS2016

We’re kicking off 2016 and a new year of KBtribechat with #KBIS2016 excitement! The #KBISCountdown clock is ticking away and we’re excited to chat about what to expect this year at #DCW2016!


Join the @KBIS2016 team, @TheNKBA and many exhibitors on January 6th at 2:00pm EST to discuss new and returning initiatives including:

• Innovative Showroom Awards sponsored by American Standard, DXV & GROHE
• Best of KBIS
• Programming at the #KBISNeXT Bar such as Portfolio Reviews, Modenus Talks Roundtables, and the exhibitor Social Media Manager meet up
• Events on the #KBISNeXT Stage, including #KBISNeXT panels and the all-new #KBISDesignBites
• KBIS mobile app
• And, of course, our progressive #KBtribechat at the show with @CambriaQuartz, @WellbornCabinet, and @TOTOUSA.

Plus, hear from our exhibitors on what to expect from their brands and their booths!


Here are the questions:

Q1: Pre-registered attendance is up by more than 25% right now. What is your main reason for attending #KBIS2016?

Q2: The Innovative Showroom Awards honors excellence in showroom design. What do YOU think makes a showroom stand out in 2016?

Q3: #KBIS2016 is THE place for professional development. Are you attending any @thenkba #VFTI sessions? Presenting?

Q4: We’re presenting the 1st ever #KBISDesignBites! If you only had 3 min. to tell your product/service story, what would you say?

Q5: With all the action at #KBIS2016 #DCW2016, how do you plan to stay organized and see it all?

Q6: How will you use social media during #KBIS2016?

Q7: And to end off on a fun (and musical) note, what’s your favorite @halloates song? GO!

Here’s the transcript for this KBtribechat.


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