Making a Difference

One kitchen or bath at a time!

What influences your purchasing decisions?




Does a company’s history or narrative help you make a decision to do business with them or is it incidental?

If a company has an eco story do we assume they’re shouting it from the rooftops? Do you care?

Do you go out of your way to buy products made in the USA? Why or why not?

Do you tend to favor manufacturers you see at #KBtribechat? Do you go out of your way to do business with them? Why or why not?

Can we make the world a better place with our purchasing decisions?



Join us for this Twitter discussion on Wednesday, June 18 from 2 to 3pm eastern time by adding #KBtribechat to your tweets!

Here is the transcript for this KBtribechat.







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2 responses to “Making a Difference

  1. Great topic! I am very interested to know what you, the decision makers, think about this. How can a design/manufacturer like us do a better job for you?


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