The Entertaining Kitchen


There is nothing more American than the holiday season.  It doesn’t matter if its Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, our attention turns to family gatherings, celebrations, and dinner parties. The holidays are a time for families to come together and create new memories and to share and celebrate time-honored traditions.  A time to reconnect with family and friends and to embrace the past through stories, songs, photos and recipes, a time to pass along a family legacy to a new generation.

 During this time of the year, the kitchen becomes the center of all family activity, a beehive of activity flexible and efficient stage for prepping cooking serving and entertaining holiday guests.  The perfect Entertaining Kitchen should be designed in such a way to ensure the success of the home chef and the holiday cooking experience.

 The Entertaining Kitchen is first and foremost a space for gathering, an arena that provides for everyday function and style, yet leaps into action when called upon.  The kitchen must be viewed as a whole as we must understand the harmony and balance of every detail, from the largest stewpot to the smallest teaspoon to calculate the effective use of space, as well as the right appliance features and cooking innovations to ensure that the holiday feast finishes at the right time, uses less energy to prepare and are of the finest quality and craftsmanship.  Unlike days gone by, when the kitchen was off limits to all, today we find that everyone is welcome in the Entertaining Kitchen where family and guests or invited, if not encouraged to participate in the ritual of preparation.  With proper design and planning, you can make the difference between your kitchen being the life of the party, or a holiday meltdown.


During this special time of the year that focuses on family, tradition, cooking and entertaining, who better to guest host (and sponsor) on this topic than family-owned, #KBTribeChat community member Dacor®, the California based manufacturer of ultra-premium kitchen appliances? Join our discussion on Wednesday, November 20th from 2 to 3pm eastern time for a special #KBTribeChat featuring special guest Dacor president and third-generation family member, Steve Joseph, as we discuss the features of the modern kitchen for the home chef who is passionate about cooking and entertaining. Steve will be taking the reins of the Dacor Twitter account for the hour to directly join the conversation.

About Dacor
Founded in 1965, Dacor is a manufacturer of ultra-premium kitchen appliances. Designed and built in California, Dacor’s cooking appliances integrate function and technology to create high-performing, intuitive products that reflect the lifestyle and needs of the passionate cook. For nearly 50 years, Dacor has been responsible for many of the innovations that have improved the way people cook in the modern kitchen.  Dacor is family-owned and embraces the legacy, heritage and expertise of a third generation to lead the company into a new age of cooking innovation. For more information about Dacor and its products, visit


Here is the transcript for this Kbtribechat.

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