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Lisa Smith, the author of the popular Design Blog Decor Girl – the blog for interior design ideas and lifestyle nourishment, will be leading us in a discussion on Blogs and their Value


at the November 13, 2013 Kbtribechat.  We asked Lisa to host after reading her post Writing a Design Blog is Not Prostitution!

To be apart of this important conversation,  join us at #Kbtribechat on Twitter from 2 to 3pm on Wednesday.  See you there!

More from Lisa:

In this techno age, there is hardly anything we buy or idea we contemplate which doesn’t land us online searching for more information or pictures.  More often than not you will land on a blog.  If you click around and like what this person has to say you may read more and subscribe.  If they have an opinion on what you are looking for, your ultimate decision very likely will be swayed.  If the blog is written well you will feel comfortable reaching out in the comment section if you have further questions or would like to add to the conversation, or you just want to say thank you.  (We love comments BTW!)

Blog post life cycle-imp


Blogs are one of the neatest ways to share detailed product information or ideas or concepts which require more explanation than a one sentence blurb.  For those with a product it this is a great way to continually connect with your customers and be more than just another brand.  For those of us who are more service oriented a blog is venue to expand on ides, showcase a little of what we do with some personality attached, as well as connect with potential customers.
A blog is a condensed advertisement for you or your product, it can be one of the most valuable tools of engaging with potential customers.
Writing a blog takes a lot of work.  Each post requires research and photos.  This equates to content.  Have something valuable to say or share – or say nothing.  Post good content which provides something of value to your reader.  Even if is only your favorite recipe for fudge, write well and have great pictures.
Relationships matter


What makes social media work is being social.  Commenting opens up conversation and invites engagement.  Sharing is what gives blog content legs or reach.  Engagement is your goal.  If nobody reads it what is the point?    The more people who share it the more opportunities you get for engagement.

Sharing requires being a good social media community member = sharing more about others than yourself.
Nobody likes people who just drone on about themselves, same works for social media.  Share posts, tweets, pictures from others with your social media community.  Share, share and share more.  The more content you share from others, the more others will share your content.
A few examples of how to share:
  • Tweets
  • Blogroll
  • Facebook
  • Stumble
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
All tied up in a nice bow, just like the present it is.  Sharing is what social media is all about!   The more you give the more you get.


Here is the transcript for this Kbtribechat.

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