Designing Dining Options

A Kitchen Design Discussion

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When planning seating at a kitchen island or peninsula, do you prefer  to have the entire counter at 36″ high or stepped up to 42″?  Some like to have one big flat work surface and others like the look of bar stool height counters.  What are the pros and cons of each of these options?  What other design solutions do you like for island seating?  What walkway clearances do you employ around eating bars?  What do you do when  you have clients who ask for this feature but actually do not have adequate space?

We want to see pictures of beautiful kitchen island seating!

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Built-in windowseats are often employed for dining seating, at least on one side of the table.  They offer storage and reduced need for chair space.  Do you prefer to access the space via a lift-top? or drawers? Please share pictures of successful windowseat dining solutions!

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Banquettes are sometimes designed into the kitchen space today.  Do you like the idea of booth seating in the home?  Share pictures of designs you like!

We will be discussing each of these common kitchen built-in dining design choices and more Wednesday, November 6th, at Kbtribechat.  Join us on Twitter from 2 to 3pm eastern time!

Here’s the transcript for this Kbtribechat.


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  3. Tending to prefer the single level, unless there is an appliance in the island. Then, please step it up to 42″. Wonderful topic and another super fun #kbtribechat!


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