Wet Rooms

What design could be more sexy for the bath?

In June, we at AFriendlyHouse asked the KBTribeChat community, Can safety be sexy? The response was a resounding yes… if you know how to sell it.  So what better follow-up than a conversation on the sexy, sleek, European-style wet room?

But is a wet room safe? Is it just a no-thresholds bathroom without the PR problem? Is it really all in the perception? If so, would you ever sell it another way?


At AFriendlyHouse.com we are working to change the perception that Universal Design or design without barriers is somehow reserved for the aged or the disabled.  If UD is in fact suffering from a PR problem, we’d like to find other ways to further the discussion.  We do this on our site by reporting on design success stories that have enabled people of all ages get around better in their homes and in their communities.  We hope to be a source for inspiration for your future projects by walking you through our own, like AFriendlyHouse founder Lynette Evans’ work on her Northern California farmhouse, where the master bath, above, along with the guest bath, below, serve as inspiration for our KBTribeChat follow-up.


We hope you’ll join us!

Wednesday, August 28th from 2 to 3pm eastern time at #kbtribechat on Twitter!

We’d also like to continue the conversation on Pinterest! Follow and pin to our Wet Rooms board. You can also find us on Google+ and Facebook.

Here is the transcript for this kbtribechat.

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