How To Chat With Us

  • Our Twitter discussions take place on Wednesdays from 2:00pm to 3:00pm eastern time.
  • Very Important Tip – Add the hashtag #kbtribechat to your chat tweets.  When you add our hashtag you become part of the conversation.
  • If you tweet from Hootsuite or TweetDeck a dedicated column can be set up for #kbtribechat.
  • Tweetchat also makes it easy to follow what everyone is saying during the chat.  You can find our Tweetchat room at:  Log into the program then you will see the tweet stream from everyone, even those you do not follow.  When you tweet from Tweetchat the program can automatically add the hashtag #kbtribechat to your tweets which is very helpful, especially when chatting is a new experience and it’s easy to forget.  Next to each tweet is an option to respond or retweet a specific tweet. You can also click on a tweeters name to get information and possibly follow.  <— This is also good for KBtribechat.


This image was taken by Lisa Stewart Photography during a Wellborn Cabinet hosted KBtribechat event at KBIS 2019.


  • At first the chat may seem fast and confusing with so many tweeting at the same time.  Just try to take it all in, thinking about information to add to the discussion.  At the top of the hour, say “hello” and introduce yourself. The community will reach out and welcome you to the discussion.
  • The main thing to remember is to add  #kbtribechat to your tweets.
  • Retweeting with an added comment is a good way to join the conversation. Make sure the KBtribechat hashtag is on your tweet when you retweet.  This can be tricky.
  • Join us when you can. None of us can make every chat.
  • Tweet as much or as little as you want, staying on topic.
  • The host and @kbtribechat will ask specific questions for the chat.  Answer Q1: with A1: etc… in your tweets.
  • The discussion questions are posted here every Thursday.
  • Please do not overtly solicit.  Have your links add information on the topic.
  • Ask us @kbtribechat if you have questions.  We want to help.


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10 responses to “How To Chat With Us

  1. Look forward to participating in our first one today! Feel free to follow @Purificare-US thanks!


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  3. Excited to get in the #kbtribechat this Wednesday! Follow @NDAKitchensCo and look out for us next week!


  4. Happy to be here today – it’s been a while 🙂


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  7. Kannan Subramanian

    #Hi Thanks for your information hope soon I too can join


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